Thursday, October 27, 2005

Neptune Turns Direct as Brother Jupiter Moves into Scorpio

The Sting of the Scorpio moves in time to Powerful Winds and Waves.
Holy God, everything seems to be happening at once with Miers (the religious fanatic who worships Bushie) has withdrawn her nomination as Wilma leaves a legacy of stranded or dead people swimming in water. Neptune is King of the Oceans where waves can bring destruction on a massive scale. No longer do we have the luxury of preparing for the changes we have moved right into the climatic region of via combusta, or "Burning Way", between 15* of the scales and 15* of the scorpion - especially with Jupiter entering Scorpio. Some astrologers have stated the coincidence of Jupiter which onto the via combusta on Dec. 13, 2004. and two weeks later the Wave that Shook the world "Boxing Day Tsunami". Katrina it the Gulf with Jupiter @ 18*Libra on Aug. 29th even eclipsing the media mania around the Tsunami when thousands were killed and millions displaced in Indonesia and other parts of South Asia.
Sex, Death and Roll Away the Stone
Despite the grim scenes of bodies devoid of spirit in these tales of disaster, we should remember that Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic and can bring Larger then Life Sucess. In Scorpio we are talking about the creative, the sexy and willingness to unearth the hidden treasures and shadow power. Man we are talking about the Phoenix birth of total rebirth.

Saturday, October 22, 2005



The Great Attractor (14:02 Sagittarius), discovered in 1986, lies at a distance of between 150 million and 250 million light years (250 million is the most recent estimate), in the direction of the Hydra and Centaurus constellations
Yes and on October 20, 2005 Venus crossed the Domain of the Great Attractor
What you say? For an image of this area of deep space look below.

Galaxies dot the sky like jewels in the direction of a mass so large it is known simply as the Great Attractor. The galaxies pictured above are part of a cluster of galaxies called ACO 3627 (or the Norma cluster) near the center of the Great Attractor. The Great Attractor is a diffuse mass concentration 250 million light-years away but so large it pulls our own Milky Way Galaxy and millions of others galaxies towards it.
So how does this Galactic Attractor effect little ole me? you ask?
Here You See a Chart for Thursday October 20, 2005

Lot's of weird shit was happening that day - a certain force was present in our Local Group (Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are the dominant structures in a galaxy cluster called the Local Group which is, in turn, an outlying member of the Virgo supercluster. Andromeda--about 2.2 million light-years from the Milky Way--is speeding toward our galaxy at 200,000 miles per hour.) our Solar System and yes our own Earth including the Bay Area of Cali, where I reside.
So how does this Galactic Attractor effect little ole me? you ask?
According to one to astrologer Philip Sedgwick who has studied the deeper meanings of the Galactic Attractor : "quasi-psychic effect possesses a real time, present view of what lies around the next corner in life. Knowing how to swerve out of the way of an oncoming vehicle presently out of view..." Sound familiar plus this powerful attraction can lead unseen consciousness, far out concepts, doctrine, agenda or purpose for being well BEYOND the MUNDANe.

Here are two seeminly unrelated stories that took place on 10/20/05 which took a backseat to Wilma. These events challenge our soul's understanding and despite the tags of Schizophrenic or Sociopathic. Thursday was a day when edginess dominated(Ceres, Venus opp. Moon in Gemini) - "A mentally ill woman seen dropping her three sons into the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay was held in a hospital jail ward Thursday on three counts of murder while anguished relatives kept vigil and rescuers combed the water for the bodies of two of the victims." This woman chose a high profile location, a pier extending into the bay from the Embarcaderoan area that draws tourists to the historic Ferry Building within view of Coit Tower. The second high profile event was the arrest of Scott Edgar Dyleski, a 16 year old "Goth loner who followed the occult" and allegedly killed Pamela Vitale after a struggle in her home in Martinez, California.

These media magnified acts of senseless violence reflect one of those nasty oppositions with Pluto @ 22Sag. directly opposed Juno (Goddess of fidelity and partnerships)@ 22 Gemini. When Juno is involved wtih difficult 8th harmonics - it usually means: pathology in relationships: infidelity, jealousy, power struggles & imbalance
It should be noted that venus was at the exact degree and arc of what scientists describe as the most massive, most prodigious thing known in all of space. Yes the fiery prsence of Sagittarius as been all around us with the Mother Asteroid Ceres Goddess of Grain and what we nurture and refuse to let go soon will enter the GA Zone (11/1/05) Jeez this has all the trimmings of a pre-turkey Grand Trine as Saturn strenghtens our resolve bringing in the old supported by N Node/Aries and yes venus goddess of beauty, touch love sex and values pushing us to move ahead.

Mystic Rectangle
Also on October 20th an curious phenomena called the Mystic Rectangle was present comprising the planets Saturn/Venus/Neptune and the Moon. I explained this configuration in my August archives being formed by at least four planets, comprising two trines and two sextile aspects with oppositions forming from all four corners of the configuration. In this case with Neptune trining the Moon, sextiling N Node & Venus yet opposing Saturn. Despite all our birth pangs with
the collective conciousness waking up sometimes rudily we have a template for pioneering artistic, openly frank and spiritual activities combined with adventure in relationship taking us into the future and beyond. This rectangle is ready to receive the powerful energy of the Great Attractor.

Coming next year to a dimension playing in your neighborhood - Pluto enters the Galactic Center. In March 2006 Pluto comes with in 10' of Arc to the heart of our Galaxy at 26:56 Sagittarius - expect mega-transformations to occur this spring with Pluto stationing Retrograde at 26:45 right after the Equinox.
more on the Galactic Center Convergence in future writings.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Let Go of Useless Power and Violence

Embrace the Animus and Anima Part One.
Make Way for Pluto and Mars in the Conference Room.

Many of us are starting to notice an insistent, animated glow of reddish light in the East - Mars the planet. The Roman God Ares(other incarnations too) is rising shortly after sunset, Mars is a bright orange beacon in the early evening eastern sky, and it should not be missed! So this month Mars is the midnight “star” eading for closest approach to Earth on October 30. Some of us are marking our calendars for Saturday Oct. 15th when Mars is the "brightest object" in the night sky, other than of course the Moon and Venus. Just from the area of star gazing we got a lot ahead - On Oct. 17th a Full Hunter’s Moon and a Penumbral Eclipse. For those of us on the West Coast -
Start with the early, penumbral phase, beginning at 5:51 a.m. EDT, darkens the Moon too little to be easily noticed, and the partial phase doesn’t begin until 7:34 a.m. West Coast observers, and those in Alaska, Hawaii, Eastern Asia and Australia, have a better chance. At maximum eclipse (8:03 a.m.), less than 7 percent of the Moon’s surface will be obscured by Earth’s inner and darker umbral shadow.

Adjustments On All Dimensions
Wow, we are busy making adjustments, trying to leverage our lives toward completion, With everyone from Mayan Priests to Astronomers that TIME (Cronus) has shifted out of linear pattern to a more flowing continuum. We are just beginning as a collective to notice all the many anomolies floating around. Just recentnly, there was another time/space shift as TIME seemed increased at a dramatic pace. There has been great emphasis on energy and great physical exertion with hurricanes,earthquakes not only happening in Paksitan or New Orleans but RIGHT INSIDE US. Everyday we may be fighting how much energy we can devote to our large projects or is it tasks or is it obsessions?
It is increasingly obvious certain days highlight this process - the last time or transit was Oct 10 when at 22:13 Sagittarius Transiting Pluto was Quincunx (150 deg. orb) Mars @ 22:13 Taurus RX. This Inconjunct or Quincunx always leads to tweaking and many times big adjustmenst. When we bring in Pluto - dark, cold and slow it takes 248 years to travel thru the chart we better expect transformation. Our other adversary it seems showers us with red cloaks and robes reminiscient of Romans and Hindu Priests. Red Planet is moving within so to speak in a retrograde cycle that will turn direct on Dec. 10 at 8:14 Taurus final shadow stage to complete at 23:22 when Taurus moved retrograde on Oct. 1st.
We start to ask What the F... is going on then... How are are expected to make adjustments when the two power planets decide to
This is a time when we make changes, time to rearrange and redevelop activities in our life that may have demanded lots of motivation and energy. Many of us have been working stubbornly on projects (Mars) with persistence (Taurus) - these are the kind of endeavoers that really drive our core of being or at least our desire to obtain $ (currency - scrilla). Scrilla is a Hip Hop term: (n) Money, loot SHOW ME THE COIN.
"Scrilla scratch paper"
used to be called long green, cabbage or even bananas. We astrologers connect greenbacks, Franklins, bread, hard cold cash to the astrological sign Taurus by virtue of his/her ruler: Venus. Venus lingers low in the West-southwest twilight this week. So now is when we start to realize those past acivities which we invested our heart's and souls will end or at least need total TRANSFORMATION ? Perhaps it is just our role in the project that needs to transform. Or is it the role of your "special" Grail Quest which is changing. Either way you are letting go of a sense of power and need to make adjustments accordingly. Getting ready for the ingress of that Big Fella, the master of living large and far away - JUPITER steps into the Scorpionic persona muy intense just two days after (10/25/05)in the evening.

Archetypes: Animus and Anima connect with Venus and Martian Synodic Cycle. For those that have followed Carl Jung and his theory and symbolism of the human are familiar with the terms Anima and Animus. Jung tells how part of our persona is the role of male or female we must play. In fact Jung, like Freud and Adler and others, felt that we are all really bisexual in nature and because of society's expectations we usually only half of our potential.
Jung recognized the other half as by naming the those aspects Anima and Animus. Like Venus the anima is the female aspect present in the collective unconscious of men, and corresponding to Mars the animus is the male aspect present in the collective unconscious of women. Together they are refered to as syzygy.
In the last 1 +years both men and women have had a chance to experience these aspects collectivelly with first the Venus Eclipse on June 8, 2004 - June 8, the silhouette of Venus crossed over the disc of the Sun - Venus was Retrograde at 18 Gemini. It's like an extraordinary kind of eclipse -- the last time it happened was in 1882. Not only was this phenomena a signal of evolutionary movement for humanity and indication of coming economic upheaval but it also catalyzed the effect of women taking power or moving into power positions (recent victory of Angela Merkel Germany's chancellor or Condoleezza Rice, Martha Stewart and Hillary Clinton even Liberian presidential candidate Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.) It might be worth probing as to whether Venus Rx Eclipse in June 2004 represented Anima or Animus? With the preceding list of women - we might conjure the masculine aspect of the female psyche; aggressive, assertive, controlling, taking charge, the fighting spirit.

Anima In Jungian theory anima has multiple types from the young girl, very spontaneous and intuitive, or the courtesan cultured, gifted or deceptive possibly the witch bringing visions and shadwos, or as the earth mothe protective, nurturing and on the other extreme possesive/destructive.
It is likely to be associated with deep emotionality and the force of life itself. The animus may be personified as a wise old man, a sorcerer, or often a number of males, and tends to be logical, often rationalistic, even argumentative.
More to follow around October 22nd and 23rd as When the Sun - Solar God - our own shining RA or Apollo-Like.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Born Again White House is on the Move

The Born Again White House is on the Move just as Venus Enters Sagittarius and Mercury Moves Into Scorpio

I was lucky enough to catch the beatific sight of sparkling Venus joining the crescent Moon last night (10/6) hanging with a glow at sunset in the western sky. My first thought was that religious holidays of Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah have begun. If I had waited another 24 hours I would have seen that the Evangelical Fanatics had to get into the act too!
Now with revelations coming out tonight Oct.7th that in 2003, "President Bush told two high-ranking Palestinian officials that he had been told by God to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and then create a Palestinian state..."
You might say that it is only fair that those "Born-again Bible Bangers" out to have their say and Bush is famous for putting his prideful, ego-studded thoughts out to everyone (Pluto/Mercury in Leo in first) Yes with Pluto/Mercury/Venus in Leo all in the first house of personality, he is "Anything" but humble. We should remember that Ramadan is a "month of blessing" marked by prayer, fasting, and charity. Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year, the Day of Judgement, the Day of Remembrance, and the Day of Shofar Blowing. Most importantly Rosh Hashanah is a time that "Jews worldwide examine their past deeds and asks for forgiveness for their sins." Bush and his entourage of religious clones like Harriet Miers (nominee for the high court) are not about to ask forgiveness for creating terrible wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, a coup in Haiti and soon to move into Syria. Nor will they ask to be excused for creating these horrors by wounding this country deeply with an act of High Treason called 9/11.

With Venus entering Sagittarius today more emphais is put on religious partners and finding people of like belief. Well Harriet Miers is one of GW's choices of someone with the same moral persuasion(Corrupt)ready to bring the draft back and include women to fight along side men on a Holy Crusade. Mercury entering Scorpio on Saturday (10/8) will cause Bushie and Miers to refuse to mince words and really push their End Times agenda since Mercury will SQ both their power obsessed Pluto's soon.
Miers Infamous Conversion. In fact on Friday 10/7/05 another pronouncement "She is going to be on the bench. She'll be confirmed," Bush told reporters

Do you know Harriet? Per the NY Times "Ms. Miers, born Roman Catholic, became an evangelical Christian and began identifying more with Republicans ...joined the missions committee of her church, which is against legalized abortion," Ok besides being a faith based woman? her experience doesn't include years of examining Contstitutional Law or even Judicial.
Harriet Miers specnt 28 years as a corporate attorney in Texas, terms as a member of the Dallas City Council and a chair of the Texas Lottery Commission and primarily since 2001 a top member of Bush's White House staff. She is a crony or should we say crone? who helped Bushie clear up allegations about his service in the National Guard during the Viet-Nam - you know the incident before the rigged election in 2004. This born again lawyer is essentially getting a favor from the Bush/Cheney Cabal which appoints people to high office in contempt of the American people.

Here is a chart of Harriet Miers (time unknown) on the outer wheel and GWB on the inner whell - click to enlarge. Notice the synastry between these two.

Harriet's Sun closely sextiles Bush's Moon and Jupiter - she adds creativity, optimism and her persuasive skills may even push him into some dangerously unchartered territory. Her Mars is closlely parallel Bush's Saturn another indication that she will foster the ongoing draconian legal agenda.

Most striking, notice the concentration of planets toward his 12th house : Venus/N Node/Saturn all in Cancer hitting his 12th house of hidden agendas - she acts as a combo of mommy and the priestess of feelings but as a major control freak. Normally those with N Node in Cancer/S Node Capriocn need to be in charge - take responsibilities way too seriously, are too rigid and have a tendency to over-manage not only their lives and but others' which probably includes GW. It should be remembered that the 12th is ruled by Neptune indicating an over abundance of deception. Miers Venus is SQ Bush's Neptune adding to greater confusion if she is ratified as justice.
She doesn't sound like the kind of person that GWB portrays: "people will see a fantastic woman who is honest, open, humble and capable of being a great Supreme Court judge."
Ms. Miers (who has N Node SQ her Neptune in Libra) is no stranger to both inhibition of emotions and emotional-level fogs and mists. N Node represents our destiny and how we use our innate gifts to go forward into the future. Those times of confusion will create some major consequences of her not being able to see clearly. In fact she has a distinct tendency to foster misjudgements! - NOT EXACTLY SUPREME COURT MATERIAL.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The NeoCons Exposed as Criminals - Help By Chiron

Chiron "the wounded healer" turns direct on US Natal Pluto in Capricorn
Today 10/5/05

New satellite observations show sea ice in the Arctic is melting at a precipitous rate but the Big Story is that those destructive leaders of this land of amber waves of grain or is it milk and honey are about to be brought to their knees.
Why would this happen? When the Bushies won't even acknowledge their mistakes concerning the invasion of Iraq and trashing the US. constitution?

More Fun with Chiron
First let/s look at the maverick planet/asteroid Chiron which was discovered in 1977 (the year that the mind/body/spirit healing revolution was launched). This planet with the erratic 50+ year orbit has stationed and is moving in direct motion. Chiron has been retrograde (moving within and gathering all those facts) since May 9th. 2005. The exact degree of stopping so to speak is 27:48 Capricorn or in terms of Sabian Symbols@28 degrees. We should note that per Dr. Edmund Jones the Sabian for that degree is: >"A large aviary." which might even hint at the "supposed" coming pandemic the Bird Flu. The aviary also symbolizes humanity's ability for bringing special gifts to the aid of others and be there for immediate service. Jones goes on to connect this to : Community where personal concerns become a matter of common welfare - the Katrina tragedy motivated more people to look in terms of creating community - especially when government can't or won't be able.

Digging deeper into this Sabain Symbol, we find the book : 360 New Symbols by Martin Goldsmith. In it Martin has a new twist to the Jones version with this description: "A little girl is practicing a humorous ditty for a vaudville act, when she adds lines of her own, her mother berates her but the girl ignores mom." If there ever was a time when we all have to bring out our unique talents by listening to our inner voices (Chironic efforts) ignoring the critics, media pundits or naysers it is NOW. Chiron is here to support us in not giving into self doubts and pursuing our goals. No matter how many smiling clones on FOX and MSNBC run there mouths, more and more intelligent people are seeing thru the masks. Inependent media of all types is getting stronger in voicing the truth (N Node in Aries).

In myth Chiron was a centaur, half man and half horse (the same glyph that is used for Sagittarius constellation ). Ancient Greeks knew Chiron as as a shaman, accidentally wounded by Hercules and promoting healing. He was a shape-shifter; able to change shape from man to animal, to bird, reptile, or whatever was needed to further transformation. Now is the time for Chiron the master healer and master teacher to do his stuff. Today Chiron the planet stationed at 27:48 Capricorn near the US Foundation Chart's (7/4/1776) Pluto - Lords of the Darkness and the Underworld - get ready to have even more secrets revealed.
Soon to be announced indictments of Lewis Scooter Libby (Chief of Staff to Vice President Cheney (2001-Present) and Karl "the architect" Rove

All 21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak will be investigated
in a legal procedure rivaling Watergate of the Nixon era (30 years ago - Saturn cycle) ruler of Capricorn. The sparks will fly and the flames will rise, Valerie Plame is only smoke signals that are carried by the winds of hope...just like the Two Towers in Lord of the Rings trilology.

In Capricorn, Chiron goes after corporate and governmental wounds and wants to create and atmosphere for healing no matter what structure needs to be changed.
Capricorn ruled by the ringed planet epitiomizes organization, discipline, perseverance and sometimes blind ambition to climb the ladder of status and power.
Yet as we all know the harder they come the harder they fall especially the most ruthless, criminal element of the NeoCon - PNAC (Project for the New American Century ) Club.

Notice that with Karl Rove - Sun/Venus/Mercury in Capricorn has the wounded healer knocking on his 12th house of hidden enemies and self undoing. Yes and transiting Saturn his ruling planet is now on his 7th house angle really putting the limitation and bondange from the House of Open Enemiies.

Click on Chart to Enlarge: Inner Wheel Karl Rove Natal and Outer Wheel Transits for today - October 5, 2005

Capricorn is persevering, perspicacious, pessimistic and extremely practical indicating that these men and women claiming to be NeoCons are actually Cons and will have to be pink slipped in order to transform our country's obsessive nature. In the US Sibley Chart Pluto (harbringer of power) sits in the 2nd house of values and America needs a makeover even if it means a really tough economic change.
My thoughts are that before Chiron enters Aquarius on December 6th, we will see the bones of government undergo an orthopedic corrective surgery.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Annular Solar Eclipse Opens Portals

Annular Solar Eclipse Opens Portals on this Libra New Moon
"A Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On"

On October 3, 2005 we may not see the Moon’s shadow pass over the Earth, it may be a total eclipse, but the shadow is too small to cover the Sun completely but we will feel the effects. This Eclipse at 10:18 Libra will be visible from within a narrow corridor which traverses the Iberian Peninsula and stretches across the African continent.
Our Saros Series 7 South family of eclipses makes up for lack of visibility with many activations like Mars turning Retrograde on Saturday Oct. 1st and the next 70 days our frustration level has increased. It has been said that the "The slow burn that the transit of Mars retrograde engenders can be both psychologically corrosive and physically depleting..." And in the sign of Taurus, the raging bull may act out concerning some
past unrealized passion or needed creative expression - Taurus rules not only the throat but the vocal chords. This is a good time to make us of sound healings that allow one to open ourselves with song and chanting.
Whether we set the chart for this powerful and life changing Eclipse for Washington DC or Los Angeles California (in the path of Earth Movement) or San Franciso, California ready for a real estate meltdown along with an earthquake - certain aspects dominate. First of all that Yod that I have been harping about between Mercury/Jupiter (almost in orb)SET in 1st for DC Chart. and Pluto all facing Ares, Warrior YES MARS RX in the 8th House of Debt and Death plus transforming all Shamanic Magic & of course the underground, mines, treasures being discovered
around the world where the water lifts up and the wind and fire reveal.
Eclipse Chart for DC 10-3-05 at 6:33 AM. (where Tom DeLay and Tom Frist are robbing this country blind like all the Bushites. They await their fate as an angry, rageful Sekhmet roars. Sekhmet (connected to Saturn/Leo and also Venus in Scorpio) a lioness goddess of vengeance and swift justice, destruction, death, and wisdom makes her prescence known with threat of plauge or epidemic by opposing Neptune/Aqua. Avian Flu or the hysteria behind any major pandemic is just below the surface of our thoughts. Sekhmet "the Mighty One" is assimilating the energies of Saturn in Leo in 11th house in DC Chart - the 11th means collective energy of associations, groups and legislatures, Congress, Senate. feeling the effects of Saturn in Leo (robbing the country blind, and the people's safety and well-being is not the focus of their style of governing.) Trust in the federal government is at an all time low (watch what happens as Saturn and Neptune draw closer in opposition.)

and Mars is separating from an exact opposition to Aphrodite, Venus ruler of relationship and sensuality our feminine. (This one is kinda like this one is kinda like the uncontrollable, horny and stubborn Soldier pursues a combo of Mata Hari and Lucretia Borgia loaded with digitalis and digital spy devices.
This time period has its' own spiritual silver lining with a beautiful triangle formed between Chiron/Capricorn to Mars/Taurus both Sextile Venus/Scorpio offering
and amazing opportunity to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually if we leave
behind our pre-conceived notions about health.
Back to that YOD...we have Raw, Unstoppable Power (Pluto in the 3rd) represented by the TRUTH in media and journalism in harmony (Sextile) Writing, communication and our collective thoughts expanded multi-fold by the desire to balance our Gaian enviroment in a big way. This ME/JU combo is all about Defending Justice and yet a desire to upholding the Cosmic Law and with a Quincunx to Mars in the 8th the justice involving deaths from Nature's multiple catastrophes like Katrina/Rita, even another storm heading in from the water to again chastize the Gulf States.
will be one of the results.
The Chart for Los Angeles has that embedded YOD again but this time Mars is at the top of the chart - the Midheaven pushed by the YOD to adjust quickly soon to other natural evernts. Using AstroCartoGraphy, the system based on right ascension and the celestial equator - a map of the world which lines of various planets are plotted.
Here is the Chart

As the most earthy sign Taurus adorns the frustrated Mars @ 23:21Rx just minutes from the MC @ 24:06 Taurus with Venus in the IC. and foundation of our homes.
Well we talked a little about Saturn in Leo in previous jogs but in this Chart the old crone or cronus sits with some serious drama in the 12th.hidden but moving to opposition with Neptune (will be exact in Sept. 2006, Feb and June 2007 ) Then six hours later Saturn is now at the top of the chart to enthrone the MC. With a 27 Leo Ascendant and Virgo intercepted the creative, free spirited side turns to an urban population, inhabitants who must get prepared in case of some serious quake drama. Using Astrocartography (Right Ascencsion instead of longitude) we see Neptune on the ascendant.
Today Oct. 2nd - I have started to notice an increase in earthquakes as we look at
a list generated at 1:00 AM UTC Time for Oct. 3rd.
These quakes were generated almost exclusively on the US West Coast form 9/26 to 10/2
(Most in the last two days with unusually high activity in central coast of california and Alaska & Aleutian Islands).
From the Sabian and Mayan Perspective
Sabian Symbolic Meaning for 10 Libra "After showing a film in class, a kindly old professor over his bifocals and opens a discussion of the film's meaning illustrating various points with the episodes of his life." The emphasis is put our need to discuss,comment and verbalize those many on the emotional and spiritual symbols and dimensions of our lives.


RED SELF-EXISTING SKYWALKER - Electric 14 and Kin 173

I define in order to explore
Measuring wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
With the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of universal water.
I am a galactic activation portal...enter me.

The more awake we become in our lives, the more we can understand and know the Galactic Library that makes up our planet. The more we can open to true human emotions that flow like water all around us,the more we can further the inevitable changes that are shaking and trembling. It is now that we really start to feel the power inherent with the mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. Without a doubt, changes are shaking, flowing and breaking over us - the ruling planets involve totally dissolving and merging with Neptune and the sudden change from all the waters from the earth Uranus - the Awakener.