Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Night Irene - New Moon in Virgo Cleaning up at the Mid-Point of the 5th Night


Irene goodnight
Irene goodnight
Goodnight Irene
Goodnight Irene
I'll see you in my dreams

It looks like the worst effects according to the video from happennd on
Saturday Morning (Aug. 27th) as Irene hits Norfolk, VA. As the weather report says
this is a long duration event. An event that will last into Sunday and the Virgo New Moon which will meet the Sun of course and Venus all in the sign of mutable earth.
Here we go on Sunday before the New Moon begins @ 11:04 PM EDT.
Floodwaters surge as Tropical Storm Irene lashes Northeast
Astrologically there are multiple signatures to explain the flooding starting with Mars now transiting in wet Cancer still in orb of a square to Saturn (structures-buildings)
while Mars is also contra parallel N Node in Sagittarius relating to evacuations
Perhaps the most subtle indication of more unexpected flooding as Irene continues north is that Mercury (weather planet) is in a close sesquiquadrate with both Uranus (unexpected chaos) and Pluto (destruction).

Those who follow my blog, know that we are at the most intense period of the 18 day Fifth Night of destruction during the Universal Underworld.
Ruler of the Fifth Night-10th Heaven of the calendar is Tezcatlipoca- the "Smoking Mirror" Tezcatlipoca is associated with hurricanes, night winds and the northward path of Irene.
Yes Mercury the weather planet is in a close sesquiquadrate with both Uranus and Pluto.
A sesquiquadrate aspect, just like the semisquare (45 degrees), is similar in meaning to the square aspect, which, when close to exact, signifies a dynamic and challenging relationship between the archetypal principles of the planets.
Since Neptune (the oceans) is conjunct Chiron meaning injuries sustained from the ocean weather since they oppose Mercury.

The other side of Mercury is presented in a chart set for Long Island, NY for the advent of the New Moon @ 8:04 PM EDT. Notice the chart below has mutable Gemini rising @ critical 0 degrees. Gemini rising is about the mainstream media and their efforts to report around the clock, literally over saturate with coverage of the storm...Yet the Ascendant is TSQ Chiron-Pisces and Sun-Moon in Virgo and their efforts won't provide shelter from the storm but will accidentally focus on problems from man-made disasters
and the wounds/illness that they have created.
Time to wake up folks, even the media is getting a full dose of "ocean foam" most likely filled with Corexit. They have conveniently forgot that back in 2010,
the petroleum giant BP sprayed poison Corexit all over the gulf to keep the oil hidden and sinking to the deep.
Today's rather sobering New Moon in Virgo today August 28th @ 8:04 PM or 11:04 PM
Sun-Moon-Venus all in super practical down to earth Virgo will oppose the wrath of the oceans represented by Neptune-Chiron
Yes the mainstream media can no longer laugh away man-made disasters mixing with the earth's catastrophic reactions.

Update: So here we have it Hurricane Irene is now downgraded into a tropical storm
and the challenge to clean-up and revitalize the day to day is appropriately met
with the Virgo New Moon this evening. The health effects of flooding, torrential downpours and bacteria churning up from the gutters/sewers are a fitting match
for this service oriented Virgo New Moon
Irene Moves On: Millions Without Power, 14 Dead
While Irene's strength has declined and residents return home, government officials are warning the public that the storm still poses safety dangers.

Time to get busy with tidying up helped by Virgo Moon (started @ 2:13 PM EDT).
Yes it is time to face the reality of our fragile eco-systems and their vulnerabilities. The 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar and the Uranus-Pluto squares
are about making it clear that anything wish threatens Gaia will not be tolerated.
Hurricane Irene is a major wake up call for the USA and our destructive practices based on consumerism. The next monster hurricane could be worse...
Goodnight Irene.