Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - Aug. 8th - Entering the Mid-Point - Monetary Collapse


Now that we have reached the Mid-point of the entire 18 day 9th Heaven (8-8-11) the blinders are coming off to multi-dimensional energies during this Universal Wave. Looking back on the start date on July 31st and will complete on August 17th.
Not to diverge to much from the topics at hand but a good framework for this series is
Calleman's own words describing the Universal Underworld: this the Ninth wave, also called the Universal Underworld, brings a cosmic context to human life in a way that has not previously been the case. Which means that finally we are starting to see the intricate synchronicity woven among all life and stories on earth but with a much larger view. What are a few 1's and 0's that run like currents of electricity or water? Calleman goes on to say the dark filters have been ruling humanity for millennia and provide no way out. In the same token neither can a financial system
built on greed and lies offer much solace. We need a revision (Fifth Day trait) using inner quests to reshape our corrupt financial system.

Black Monday (2011)(playing at local theatres)
If you even have a shred of doubt about how things are speeding up with the increased
frequencies during the 5th Day, Cardinal Cross and X-Class Flares. Just check out the events during the midpoint 8-8-11 and 8-9-11. Wikipedia already has it down.
Dow Jones Industrial Average looses 634.76 points (-5.55%) to close at 10,809.85,
(breaking resistance points to say the least). Thus Aug. 8, 2011 hits the record books 6th largest drop of the index in history.
Black Monday 2011 followed just one trading day behind the 10th largest drop of the Dow Jones Index, a 512.76 (-4.31%) drop on August 4, 2011.

Mercury opposes Neptune at Opening Trade
Let's look at the start of trading @ 9:30 AM EDT during the dog daze of summer.
Virgo is rising @ 27 degrees Virgo bringing the trickster Mercury and co-ruler of both Virgo and Gemini. Then Mercury (retro. since Aug. 2nd) just entered Leo early AM and at 10:27 AM EDT, Mercury the messenger is in dramatic Leo opposing Neptune which also is retrograde and just entered a new sign Aquarius on Aug. 4th. Things are always off kilter when Mercury is retro. needing the review but when Mercury is at 180 degree angle from Neptune (also retro. adding to the illusions). Expect some kind of sleight of hand in this entire drama to occur as billions of dollars are reshuffled.

Federal Reserve Reacts and Volatility Ensues (Mercury again)
Looking ahead with this totally irrational period we see on Aug. 9th that the market
rebounded as the Dow rallied after Fed statement, up 429 points reacting to the Mar-Uranus square. Then in volatile, see saw action on Wed. August 10th US Stocks Plummeted, Nearly Erasing Tuesday's Gains in reaction to the Mars-Pluto
opposition. In the dual wheel below with the Fed Reserve chart in the center and Mercury retrograde for 8-8-2011 at close of trading we see the trickster Mercury in speculative Leo crossing the 2nd house of values-money. Neptune opposing Mercury (not shown) is transiting the 8th house of deficit spending, international finance, multi-national corporations and social security. Hmmm. something ain't right in DC.
Let's take a closer look at what the 2nd house
represents in more detail: stocks and bonds, the Gross National Product(GNP) the treasury, currency and its circulation. As you can see Mercury will continue to retrograde till Aug. 26th. when he turns direct during the highly destructive Fifth Night (Aug. 18 to Sept. 4th. )