Thursday, August 04, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - Aug. 4th Taking the Plunge into the Waterfall


My goal during this 18 day period starting on July 31st to August 17th is to talk
about some of the actual changes happening during this Mayan 5th day ruled by Quetzalcoatl. In my descriptions I will integrate astrological transits and esoteric symbols.
There is so much happening as the frequencies accelerate during the Unity Wave. So many
changes are bubbling up that it is difficult to just
pick one topic. It turns out that the topic picked me..
Welcome to Aug. 4th with the 5th day of the Mayan 9th Heaven bringing shouts of capitulation with global financial collapse. Back on July 14th. Calleman wrote:
"Because it could be so painful a global financial collapse would seem to many to be a destructive event and hence not likely to occur in a period of light, a day."
The big news of the day:
Dow Average Plunges 513, Worst Drop Since 2008 all due to fear and panic.
Shall we say "Irrational Fears" driving the markets?
Pure and simply this major tanking of the world markets is based on fear and insecurities. Mars entered a water sign Cancer, in fact a cardinal active sign which
is highly sensitive, moody, intuitive and ambitious (in an indirect fashion).

Today's sell off is reflected by a complicated Mars-Mercury sextile which inspires quick, impulsive reactions except that in this case Mercury just stationed retrograde. on Aug. 2nd so the messenger Mercury (our mind set) is opposing Neptune, the planet of illusion/dreams is also stationing retrograde .
Mars just entered Cancer to create panic (Cancer as a sign is highly emotional and prone to hysteria).

When we compare the chart set for the foundational NYSE (May 17, 1792) placed on the outside of dual wheel to start of market operations today Aug. 4th.
We transiting Mars in Cancer @ 00degrees47 closely TSQ the NYSE natal nodes of destiny in Libra-Aries. Also those cardinal, active nodes in the NYSE chart
plus currently Mars is moving into a conjunction with natal Pallas/Cancer (strategy) in the NYSE chart. Is this capitulation for the markets? Probably not - will their be
a rebound - yes a bounce of sort as Sun-Venus-Mercury all meet in Leo via transits on Aug. 16th to conjunct the NYSE's natal Uranus...but the ultimate direction is down.

Mars now is in the sign of real estate and homes and is triggering a totally irrational but active Grand Cardinal Cross. What will happen to the price of homes and value of real estate? Have we hit a bottom yet - probably not.
Good ole George4Title weighs in and talks about "The Waterfall Effect"

Unfortunately George might be right about the continued real estate demise.
Take a gander at this recent article America's 10 Sickest Housing Markets An excerpt from this piece:
"...some cities have home vacancy rates over 5% and rental vacancy rates over 10%. Obviously, these levels of unused inventory have the effect of driving down both home and rental prices month after month. It also means that there is comparatively little demand for the purchase of new or existing homes."

Of course if you are not motivated by using your house as a piggy bank expecting appreciation it is actually a good time to buy. Except folks get ready cause there is so much to come during this phase with Mars going on to exactly TSQ to both Uranus(sudden) -Pluto on Aug. 9th at this Mid-Point of this 5th Day.
The import thing is that we are in a time when material world and the current financial systems need transformation. Remember that the 6th Night on starting on Aug. 18th will be highly destructive period lasts till Sept. 4th. ruled by Tezcatlipoca, the God of Darkness. I am not one to dwell on doom or end times and will refer back to Calleman's article: "Unity consciousness is thus likely to be perceived as a threat to many persons in economically dominant positions"
Expect the elite to be scrambling and reacting defensively during final days and nights of the Unity Wave. In the next 13 days, I will have more examples of how those in positions of tyrannical control will be loosing their grip and hold on people.
More examples of reversals and turnabouts reflecting the movement of these energies
toward sovereignty and light.