Saturday, September 03, 2011

As the Fifth Night ends - Looking back on Virgo New Moon and Fixed Stars


In less than three days, the long awaited Sixth Night of the Unity Wave begins on Sept. 5th. lasting till Sept. 22nd. The movement toward the 11th Heaven and the time of Flowering was shaped by the August 28th New Moon, so lets examine some of those fixed stars.
But first what was the Tzolkin symbol for August 28th?
Appropriately it was CAUAC - The Storm and Galactic Tone 4 - Stability
Obviously associated with rain, floods but also blessings.
"Count your lessons as blessings.
and your enemies as angels."

With the New Moon set for Washington, DC @ 11:04 PM EDT we may want to
look at the symbol for August 29th too. This symbol is the Sun AHAU - Day of ancestors. The divine face of the sun with this phrase Ask for the wisdom of continued honored memory of our ancestors.
But first the New Moon and the fixed
stars over Washington DC.
Chart below set for Taurus rising at 24degrees 17 minutes (Sabian-"A large well kept public park." A place everyone can enjoy. Or looking at a another modern version
An artist's model poses with arms upraised while a satyr-like sculptor chisels from a column of black marble. Here we see the passion of creating and raw sexual energies combined with an artists point of view. Making oneself into a work of art.

Alcyone is rising with the ascendant
An inner vision that can lead to a judgemental attitude
Alcyone is of course found in the constellation Pleaides and now transiting in Gemini
is situated on the shoulder blade of the Bull. According to Robson Alcyone Rising: Is supposed to deal with "blindness, ophthalmia injuries to the eyes and face, disgrace, wounds, stabs (operations nowadays), exile, imprisonment, sickness, violent fevers, quarrels, violent lust, military preferment."
We also find that Alcyone in the past has been connected to the deaths of a great number of people along with major rain fall to the point of deluges.

Heliacal Rising Star with Acubens
Per Brady: Believing in the sacredness of life and seeking to be a Giver of Life
Acubens is a double star on the left arm-socket of contsellation Cancer the Crab.
Origins of the name are from the Arabic Al Zubanah, "the Claws", this star lies on the southern claw of the Crab (Cancer) near the head of the constellation Hydra.
Robson says that Acubens has the nature of Saturn and Mercury. It has been called "the sheltering of hiding place," and gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals. A place for liars and criminals might just be Washington District of Criminals. Ebertin adds that Alpha Cancri has a Martian nature and a strong blending in of Saturnian influence, conveying an unbalanced and "jumpy" nature. I am hanging on this star since it is also associated with the current transit of Mars in Cancer both in orb of the disastrous square with Saturn and in a close contra parallel with N Node in Sagittarius.

Heliacal Setting Star with Sualocin

Per Brady: A tendency to rely on your natural talents
Sualocin, is a pale yellow star in the constellation: Delphinus or the Dolphin. The name "Sualocin" is "Nicolaus" spelled backwards.
Gratitude is the state to shoot for with this New Moon. Robson says that with
Delfinus we experience a fondness for pleasure, ecclesiastical matters and travel, but danger of suffering from ingratitude.