Sunday, August 07, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - Aug. 6th - Religious Abuse Exposed the Prophet has Fallen


I am back again after taking a short break blogging about the happenings during this
amazing Fifth Day/9th Heaven of the Universal Underworld.
If you haven't notice this 18 day period is a time of upheaval on many levels from economic to geo-cosmic to religious and a lot more. Religious arrogance, dominance and abuse are one of the primary targets to be taken down during this Fifth Day In my last report I mentioned the conviction of Warren Steed Jeffs, that religiously obsessed sexual predator on two counts of sexual assault on a child. Warren, the real life prophet who life resembles that of Roman Grant the fictional character in the HBO series, Big Love.

Of course Grant, a polygamist, only had 14 wives and was betrothed to 15-year-old whereas Jeffs had 78 wives in addition to his legal spouse. In Jeffs case 24 of of his wives were under the age of 17.

Jeffs (born Dec. 3, 1955) with Mercury and Sun closely conjunct in Sagittarius- a detrimental placement with an irregular mental attitude. Sun-Mercury in Sagittarius is also a combination which can be ruthless, blunt and filled with exaggerations. He also had Juno and N Node in Sagittarius opposing S Node @ critical 17 degrees Gemini (past karma) and was the polygamist leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
The jury in Saint Angelo Texas only took three hours of deliberation to return the conviction. The chart below has the approximate time of conviction (Aug. 4, 2011 @ 6:38 PM CDT as the inner wheel. Jeffs birth date (time unknown) on the outside of the wheel. Jupiter ruler of his Sagittarian Sun-Mercury combo found in Virgo @ 1 degree 10 (Sabian Symbol - A large white cross stands on top of a high hill). It turns out that his natal Jupiter is closely opposed Neptune in Pisces and Chiron a healing combination
which is helping to alleviate the suffering of the victims of religious tyranny at the hands of the various Fundamentalist oligarchy.

Jeffs spent years evading arrest, according the Associated Press, eventually making the FBI's Ten Most-Wanted List before his capture in 2006. His sense of arrogance, erratic actions and just plain weirdness reflected in his natal Mars in Scorpio square Uranus
in Leo has finally met inexorable justice. Even in the throes of a possible double life
sentence he still can't ask for forgiveness.
Polygamist leader walks out of sentencing hearing in protest.

Update Aug. 9th - the Sentencing of Jeffs: Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs sentenced to life in prison for sex assault