Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - Aug. 9th - Solar Storms during the Mid-Point


For those new to my blog, my goal has been to chronicle some of the dramatic changes during this entire 18 day period starting on July 31st and ending on August 17th. This phase known as the Mayan 5th day/Ninth Heaven of the 9th wave is ruled by Quetzalcoatl, Lord of the Dawn.

On the Mid-Point of this incredible 5th Day, we witness the tremendous potential power of Sunspot 1263
Astrologically of course we have Sun-Venus conjunct but Mercury joins in as we approach the Full Moon in Aquarius
On the 9th of August in the throes of the super-dynamic Cardinal Squares feature Mars square Uranus for the unexpected and massive X-Class
Flare erupting from the sun.

Major X-7 Class Flare

This morning at 0805 UT, the magnetic canopy of sunspot 1263 erupted, producing a powerful X7-class solar flare: Here is the movie from SDO capturing the event . The blast caused a brief HF radio blackout on the daylit side of Earth. SOHO coronagraphs show a CME emerging from the blast site.
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the explosion's extreme ultraviolet flash:

Below is a chart set for 8:05 UT
Virgo is rising making Mercury now retro in Leo the ruler and opposing Neptune
to enhance the drama and magic. More importantly Uranus-Ceres are at a definitive angle in the 7th intercepted in Aries. All of this taking place on a day ruled by Mars
relating directly to Aries where the Sun is exalted.

The brunt of the explosion was not Earth directed. Nevertheless, a minor proton storm is in progress around our planet, which could affect satellites in high-altitude orbits. Also, radiation from flare created waves of ionization in Earth's upper atmosphere, briefly disrupting communications at some VLF and HF radio frequencies.

The cloud may miss Earth but we cannot rule out a glancing blow from the flank of the CME on or about August 11th

Video: August 9th at 0805 UT - X-ray Solar Flare, X-Class Solar Flare

Tuesday's X7-class solar flare, the third X-flare of new Solar Cycle 24 and the most powerful so far it is time to review. Also we are in a Mercury retrogade cycle known as a time to redo, revisit and renew our facts. Plus Mercury, the principle of mentation and communications now in solar Leo,
Let's revisit the nature of solar flares.
SDO’s Guide to Solar Flares
X-Class, M-Class, C-Class… What does it all that mean, and just what is a solar flare?
In essence what we are talking about is that now we all have to be cognizant of AHAU
the Lord of the Sun along with Spaceweather as the Universal Underworld concludes
on Oct. 28, 2011.
Here is an excellent video from the Solar Dynamics Observatory explaining the details of solar flares and how they will affect us here on Earth. Find out why NASA and NOAA are constantly monitoring the Sun for activity that could create long lasting radiation storms which can harm satellites, communications systems, and even ground-based technologies and power grids.