Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - August 10th - Earth Awakening and Giving Birth


We have passed the mega energized Mid-Point of the Mayan 5th Day on the 9th. Today, August 10th we welcome Galactic Tone 12 a time of understanding and retrospection. As we try to connect disassociated parts into a whole, we are noticing that the earth is awakening big time. The deeply primal energies of the Mars-Pluto opposition are separating and have triggered major earth changes .
Volcanic activity is starting Southern Hemisphere with Java and Coral Sea plumes to Ascension Island to the Canary Island magma plume in the Northern Hemisphere along with Mt. Etna and now Undersea off Oregon along with the Cleveland volcano in Alaska.

Acceleration of Changes
The Fifth day of any underworld is an active, energized period of budding. In this case it is magma plumes that are budding. Magma plume report: A barometer of the planet indicates earth changes are accelerating
Another gauge for this is the fact that Deep recycling in the Earth faster than thought

In reality the evidence is just too strong for the case of earth ascending or at least
in a particularly turbulent state. From the article:
The most frequent question I’m asked is how much time do we have left before something major occurs? I have been saying that once we are in it like now, it
won't seem so cinematic or memorable till we move beyond these 18 day periods.
From the article.
Not long, as you’ll shortly see. I included this map in my book so everyone could know that magma plumes are the planet’s geologic thermal dissipative features and as such, they are an early-warning sign that entropic processes are accelerating and magma levels are rising uniformly across the planet. Let’s start with Indonesia’s 18 volcanoes that are now on alert and showing above-normal activity- Because of the Java and Coral Sea plumes, we can expect growing unrest from the Merapi Sundoro Dieng volcanic complex, the Taboro, the Gunung Ranakah and Sirung volcanic complex which comprises about 28 volcanic cones. WTF.

West Coast Eruption During Night One

For us here on the West Coast of North America, this stuff is getting very real.
This eruption off the coast of Oregon took place
Recent Volcanic Eruption off WEST COAST of USA !

It is interesting that the April 6th eruption at sea took place just two days after
Neptune entered Pisces @ 6:36 AM PDT on 4-4-11. Pisces of course deals with everything about the sea and Neptune or Poseidon was the god of the sea Poseidon was also known as the "Earth-Shaker," and God of earthquakes in Greek mythology.
The April 6 eruption produced a lava flow at least 1.2 miles wide, scientists say, and there were hundreds of tiny earthquakes during the eruption.
The volcano, named Axial Seamount, last erupted in 1998.
On that April 6th day occurred when Sun-Jupiter (expanded fire) were conjunct in Aries closely opposing Saturn in Libra and TSQ Pluto in Capricorn
also on that day Mars-Uranus were conjunct in Aries in an applying square Pluto - highly explosive and volatile. April 6th was also during Night One of the 9th Wave
ruled by Tlaltecuhtli - the Sea Monster.
Although Tlaltecuhtli's has a masculine form in the Nahuatl language, most representations of Tlaltecuhtli exhibit distinctly female characteristics, and the figure is often posed in the characteristic position of a woman giving birth. She is an Earth Goddess who also rules over Difficult Births . In other Aztec creation myths Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca (Sixth Night), in the form of serpents, tore her in half, throwing half upwards to create the sky and stars and leaving the other half to become the land of the earth.

Since Quetzalcoatl is connected with Venus and Venus is changing positions - from the Scorpio Morning Star where it has been occurring since October 2010 to the Leo Evening Star which takes place on August 15-16 right at the end of the Fifth Day.
So right after Saturday's Full Moon the superior conjunction, which is equivalent to the opposition aspect, Venus is on the far side of the Sun, with the Sun standing exactly between the Earth and Venus. The superior conjunction of Sun/Venus is a time which favors cooperation between individuals and groups. This can also be a time of good will which stimulates the resolution of differences. The last 7 days of this cycle are key to creating this form of unity and cooperation .