Friday, August 05, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - August 5th - Rumsfield Sued (Part One)


For those new to my blog, my goal during this entire 18 day period starting on July 31st to August 17th is to describe some of the dramatic changes happening during this Mayan 5th day/Ninth Heaven ruled by Quetzalcoatl.

In my report for August 2nd, I spoke of Juno's ingress into the balancing sign of justice, Libra. Juno is a symbol for standing up and refusing to accept inequality or injustice in relationships. In fact since Juno entered Libra (the sign relating to court cases) on July 27th. there have been more and more legal decisions to uphold the rights of the powerless. The fact that
Juno is not only in moving into a TSQ with Mars-Pluto but is opposing Uranus in Aries. This can result in sudden, unexpected, reversals in justice. Juno-Uranus in difficult aspects like oppositions deals with the threat to personal freedoms in all kinds of relationships.

One of latest, positive reversals in legal cases involves the infamous Donald Rumsfield (who has been declared a war criminal by many). Even though Bush has immunized Rumsfeld and others from prosecution in the International Criminal Court, he cold be tried in any country under the well-established principle of universal jurisdiction. So now in the Fifth Day when dominance and arrogance are taken down a notch or two, this is a welcome development.
Judge Allows Army Veteran To Sue Donald Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld (born July 9, 1932) with natal Sun/Pluto in Cancer opposing asteroid Ceres (the principle of letting go with unconditional love.) Currently Mars transiting in Cancer is conjunct his natal Venus while TSQ Juno in Libra and transiting Pluto. Mars will eventually cross his natal Ceres-Pluto threshold in early September and we will hear more about this situation. Note that his natal Ceres-Pluto opposition has made the already tenacious, stiff Rumsfeld even less willing to let go of his military creations.
Perhaps he needs to take a chapter from the Ceres-Pluto myth that renewal can follow letting go as was with Persephone .

Yes "The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine..." So now the plaintiff who worked as a translator for the Marines in Anbar province in Iraq, before being detained for nine months is seeing this come true. It wasn't until two years after he was "unexpectedly" released in August 2006, that he filed this suit in U.S. District Court in Washington. The long and the short of this is that the veteran argues that Rumsfeld personally approved torture as an interrogation technique on a case-by-case basis. My guess is that if the lawsuit is won and Rumsfield is found culpable
others in Bush's senior cabinet will be implicated for approving the use of torture against detainees.

In Part Two. of Blogging on the Fifth Day (Aug. 5th) I will talk about the conviction of Warren Steed Jeffs, the arrogant fundamentalist leader of convicted of child sexual assault on 12 and 15 year-old girls yesterday (Aug. 4th).
Jeffs fall from prominence is a primary example of how many of the systems of
religious fanaticism will be challenged during the Universal Underworld ending on Oct. 28, 2011.