Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - Aug. 11th. Light Bends alongside Revolution wiht Galactic Tone 13


For those new to my blog, my goal has been to chronicle some of the dramatic changes during this entire 18 day period starting on July 31st and ending on August 17th. This phase known as the Mayan 5th day/Ninth Heaven of the 9th wave is ruled by Quetzalcoatl, Lord of the Dawn.

Each day of this 9th Wave cycle of light is sacred and moves faster with the dawn. We are moving towards an amazing Full Moon on Saturday April 13th.
Today I focus on 8-11-2011 not only an 11 day in traditional numerolgy but even
more significant is that it is Galactic Tone 13, matched by the Day Sign Wind IK
The Breath of Spirit and Breath of Life. Tone 13 is aka Ascension, which assists people
on to the next step. Higher and higher over the mountain. Yesterday's Aquarian Moon moved quickly with upward volatility.

Space Weather Rocks to Salute the Perseids

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, source of the annual Perseid meteor shower. International observers are now reporting more than 20 Perseids per hour, a number that will increase as the shower reaches its peak on August 12-13.

Image taken: Aug. 11, 2011
Location:Silkeborg Denmark
"An early large and colorful Perseid august 11th. 23:13 local time in Denmark. I made a color enhanced close-up, it is clearly green in the middle and reddish in the start and end. Cassiopeia is in the top right part of the picture, the radiant is just below the big W."

Ascension Energies Take Us to the Next Level
As the world’s first two-dimensional demonstration of so-called ‘Airy beams’
These are beams of light that can be bent in a laboratory setting, since they are diffracting less than a regular beam. The international team, including three members from the Research School of Physics and Engineering at ANU or Australian National University (interesting acronym for the school?) First: the team successfully demonstrated that a tiny beam of light on a flat surface can be bent around an obstacle, and course-correct itself on the other side of that obstacle. In fact in Sumerian mythology, ANU was a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations.

Light and lightening rods relate to Uranus now in Aires
as do ‘Airy beams’ connecting via sextile Pallas-Vesta in air Aquarius. As we know the bend of the Cardinal Cross is 90 degrees. Uranus
(technology) is leading in this case Helped by sextiles to Pallas-Vesta representing strategy/creative and committment/focus.
Chart Set for 11 AM on 8-11-2011 in DC with Libra rising
Besides a Cardinal Cross, we have a Thors Hammer aspect with Pluto-Uranus- and the Sun (an aspect pattern consisting of a square (90 degrees) and two sesiquadrate (135 degrees) all interconnecting.) The Thors Hammer aspect can be difficult, stressful, challenging and risk taking.
Pallas-Vesta both in scientific and innovative fixed air sign Aquarius and also trine Saturn for serious discoveries .
Sun-Venus-Mercury are all in the solar, fixed sign of Leo.
This new found ability to bend light also harks back to Atlantis-style experimentation.
Back in 2008 meta materials that could make an object invisible involved bending light waves. IE. bending them so that they curve around the object and then reconnect were featured in articles about invisibility.

Upside Volatility - Downside Volatility for Aug. 11th
On Augest 11, 2011 - The Dow Surged Up 423 Points
Moon direct in Aquarius and no major aspects except applying trine to Uranus - positive. While Moon TSQ Venus-Jupiter for short term surges Sun-Venus-Mercury are moving togetherin super speculative Leo - A Bear Trap? Stock markets continued their schizophrenic week Thursday as all three indexes surged on positive earnings and labor market news.
One thing is for sure this is a Bear Market with lots of reversals
But is it also The Bear Trap

Riots Worldwide and Flash Mobs get Bigger
Before we get too cocky, take a look what is happening in Chile.
Chile riot police clash with student protesters
Peaceful march turns violent as masked demonstrators burn cars and loot shops in Santiago. This happened Tues. (Mars day) with the Mars-Uranus square exact.

Take a walk on the wild and berserk side and read: 5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World I don't agree with the entire article
since it takes no account for the Unity Wave and subsequent movement towards peace.
I do agree though that : America is still in deep denial which is still the first stage of the Awakening. Also with the Saturn return and Mars transits thru the July 4th 1776 house of debt, taxes and death will be deadly.
"This American arrogance will be turned on to other Americans as the dollar collapses"

Getting out of the frame of mind of violence and moving to a higher level - another discovery up the road. A short trip into the future: Darkest exoplanet spotted by astronomers. The Jupiter-sized planet is orbiting its star at a distance of just five million km, and is likely to be at a temperature of some 1200C.
Even more appropriate is that this "Dark Planet" is located in the Draco constellation. The war of light and dark has reached a new level and light is ahead.