Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blogging on the Fifth Day - Aug. 12th. Awakening from the Dream State


For those new to my blog, I have been journaling about the dramatic and many times shocking changes synched with this entire 18 day period starting on July 31st and ending on August 17th. This phase known as the Mayan 5th day/Ninth Heaven of the 9th wave is ruled by Quetzalcoatl, "feathered serpent". Note that symbolically Quetzalcoatl's feathers represent the ascension of human consciousness assimilating with our origins - while serpent represent human DNA or physical reality.
Days are always known as the creative period where awakening is highlighted and this
Fifth Day and Ninth Heaven relates to a budding of human consciousness. For those
doomtards and end times prophets the world will not end on 12-21-2012 or the end of the Universal Underworld on October 28, 2011. Yet we should expect the current activation and transformation to catapult or more accurately accelerate us into new dimensions of being.

When focusing on the symbolic energies of the calendar we find that Aug. 12, 2011
correlates with Galactic Tone 1 or Unity and the Day Sign Akbal - Night.
Notice that Akbal is a "bringer of the dawn" connecting up to one of Quetzalcoatl's titles. In other words, this a time for "dreamers and visionaries" to usher in the light of the sun to illuminate the road of life.

In my last report for Aug. 11th. I mentioned that the there is a world wide awakening
is manifesting in seemingly destructive anarchy and revolution even in places like China (where government control seemed intransient and long lasting)
Thousands riot in southwest China: Xinhua
Thousands of rioters took to the streets in southwestern China, with some smashing and burning vehicles, after a city official injured a female cyclist, state news agency Xinhua reported on Friday. Bicycles are the mode of transport favored in China and will soon take over in the US.

Calleman speaks of polarity shifts in consciousness on the rise as we end the Fifth Day and ensuing destructive 5th Night. (Aug. 18 to Sept.4th) heading into the flowering period of the Sixth Day (Sept. 19 to 22nd) He tells us that synchrony at several different levels of the universe - cosmic, galactic, heliospheric, planetary and human will occur. Never before was bravery and courage so important for us in our journey thru the up coming Fifth Night ruled by Tezcatlipoca orthe "Smoking Mirror" This deity is associated with energies of the dark including night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, war and strife.
So what about the future riots in the USA?
I mentioned this some what fear based article in my last blog entry:
5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World
I do concur that American arrogance, denial narcissism, drugs and violence in our society have reached critical mass...Chiron-Neptune traveling together are part of the healing process of these negative expressions of our society.

Also I totally agree: "This collapse will not result in a One World Order." The Elite that are trying desperately make this happen will no longer be able to operate in secrecy. Yeah the jig is up for the elite as long as the alternative media continues to out the Elite/Illuminati/Bilderberg controllers at the top of the pyramid. Those of us in the blogsphere, internet and social media are increasing
but it still will take a massive campaign of truth.
Check out this powerful message from former C.I.A. Agent to all Americans.
making it really clear that spying and war just don't work. He encourages the outing
of the Neo Cons and makes it clear that "war is a racket" riddled with corruption.
Public intelligence via blogging is taking off and the power is in our hands
He also offers some financial solutions which would put the Fed out of business.

In this next segment from Vigilant Citizen, the three Neptune oppositions to Mercury (July 28 - August 8 - Sept. 8th) which relate to the corporations pushing Human Cattle in a Cashless Society.
In his words: Yes, this is an ideal vision of the future. ** Takes deep breath ** A bunch of brain dead, robotic humans who move and act in sync, to the beat of conformity, giving the dirty look to whoever dares not to be part of the cattle by not using a credit card that is owned by a private company part of the Bilderberg Bilderberg is a group and that holds billions of people by the balls due to high interests fees on debt which is, by the way, the single most effective way to keep people subjugated to the rule of big bankers.

So on this day Aug. 12th we all journeyed into the night and readied our selves for
next day of the Aquarian Full Moon when seeds (KAN) are planted to help free us from the oppression and dominance of the globalists vision of slavery. The Galactic Tone is 2 for duality where we walk the line of balance, yin/yang, good/bad, and light/dark.
So tomorrow's Full Moon can lead to true abundance where love trumps commodification
of the human spirit. To a much more real place where empathy and enlightenment replace arrogance, denial and narcissism.