Sunday, March 27, 2011

Night One Begins - Tlaltecuhtli, Kali and a Moonbow

Today marks the beginning of Night One in the Universal Underworld
(the last and final phase of the Mayan Calendar ending on October 28, 2011)
The actual start of the Universal Underworld was Feb. 11th when the Egyptian Liberation reached a climax when even Gaza Celebrated Egypt's Revolution - February 11, 2011.
Let's back track to March 9th when the Ninth Wave began Day One the time of sowing and the initial birth of consciousness was ruled by Xiuhtecuhtli
Day One lasted from March 9th till March 26th.
Xiuhtecuhtli is associated with turquoise and is a god of “light in darkness,” and “warmth in coldness.”
Xiuhtecuhtli like Uranus entering Aries on March 11th. represents the spiritual spark of something new emerging out of a the 12th house or out of death the ending of a cycle . He has been the transformative which was spark generated from ongoing change. This is fitting for a time of “sowing” in the new Universal Underworld. The previous 18 day period was about sowing the spark that has originated out of the old, spurring growth out of death, the speck of gold harvested from loss. Uranus finished an 84 year cycle on March 11th. and Uranus is the great awakener.

Night One is ruled by Tlaltecuhtli, who is the Earth God or Goddess and of Difficult Births
Tlaltecuhtli name literally means “earth-lord” (Tlal =land; cuhtli = lord).
Even though the suffix of her name refers to male gender, she is depicted in myth as female and her pictorial representation is decidedly female, usually in the birth-giving posture. Midwives prayed to Tlaltecuhtli in the cases of difficult birth.

Tlaltecuhtli, who relates well to Kali in the Hindu tradition or Hel of the Norse myths. Note that Hel was the Goddess who presided over a realm known as "house of Hel. Tlaltecuhtli also has been described as a sea monster who lived in the ocean after the fourth Great Flood kind of like Cetus, an embodiment of the raging chaos before creation.
The open mouth of the Tlaltecuhtli can be seen as a tomb — or as a womb. She is frequently found on the bottom of Aztec sculptures — where the sculpture comes in contact with the earth. The most famous of these images is the one on the bottom of the giant Coatlicue from the Templo Mayor in Mexico City.
The Earth Goddess appears, jaws wide, teeth exposed. Out of her mouth grows the tree of life. The tree of life growing from these jaws of death completes this picture of the earth as womb and tomb, and of the mouth and eating as analogous to birth and death.
During the night period, the crisis deepens especially with the Nuclear
Meltdown in Japan. As Japan Evacuates due to the Japan Nuclear crisis: Nuke plant radiation 10 million times high!

Looking back on Day One - March 19th 2011 marked the mid-point when the war began in Libya. The war was started on Friday right on time with the Super Moon

Night is the time when we assimilate the new consciousness brought in on March 9th
with Day One. This process will deal directly with radioactive dangers and political chaos.
Night One lasts from Mar 27th to April 13th and the second period of the "13 “heavens”

Astrologically Night One is kicked off by tomorrow's two difficult transits:
(1)Sun (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)
when on a mundane plane, their are take-overs, power plays and change is demanded.

plus we are steeped in secrecy with the need for powerful purification, healing, and rehabilitation leading to rebirth.

(2) Jupiter (Aries) opposing Saturn (Libra) - a 20 year cycle marking economic recession, governmental crisis especially with the USA experience an 8th Saturn return, a time of deep political
divisions, a time when security and safety issues around nuclear power and war need to be addressed.

Another more positive image for Night One is a Rainbow at Night or a Moonbow
Ethan Tweedie of Kamuela, Hawaii, recorded this spectacular example long after dark:

"It was a moonbow," explains Tweedie. The bright moon played the role of sun, illuminating nigh time raindrops falling through the damp Hawaiian air. "

The midpoint of Night One is April 4-5 - On April 3rd. Mars meets Uranus in fiery
Aries. When Mars and Uranus meet accidents reach a crescendo so we should expect
some major actions in the middle east and with the Plus on April 3rd. the Sun in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra translates the light from tomorrow's cyclical Jupiter-Saturn opposition - political chaos. Then before Night one completes, Mars will square Pluto in Capricorn on April 11th