Monday, January 21, 2008

Wirter's Strike to End By First Week in February-Mars and Venus Hold the Key

Back to Negotiations with Direction
The WGA is now motivated to resolve this crippling and divisive
stalemate as the first negotiating session with the AMPTP since December 7 begin. After the Directors Guild settled on a pact Friday the 18th without any fuss, WGA officials are starting informal talks. WGA has begun to bargain with top moguls from News Corp. president Peter Chernin and CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves.

President of the WGA is Libra Patric Miller Verrone born on September 29, 1959 and former editor of the respected Harvard Lampoon. In 2005, Verrone was elected President of the Writers Guild of America, west with an overwhelming 68% of the vote, after pledging to devote up to 30% of the Guild's budget to organizing writers in reality television, animation, cable, and independent film. He had previously served as secretary-treasurer for the organization. From an astropsychological point of view it is easy to see that Patric has not only writing abilities but leadership gifts. He is a man of the arts with N Node- point of destiny, Sun-identity, Vesta-commitment, Mercury-communication, Mars-drive all in Venus ruled Libra is all about justice, equality and fairness. The Vesta connection to Mercury has gifted him with a well developed writing ability while the Mars touching Vesta let's him concentrate his will and assertive ability when backing a cause - like this strike. Despite all this Libra need for balance and fairness, the real lynchpin for Patric is Saturn @ 00 Capricorn 56* which from a traditional standpoint is the strongest actor, I mean planet in his chart. So Saturn in the ruling sign of Capricorn fosters his power of organization and authority. Thus on January 24th and 25th he receives a positive transit from both Venus and Pluto in an offer he can't refuse. Plus transiting Venus and Pluto trine his natal solar ruler Venus @ 00 Virgo 46* meaning that lots of the details will be cleared up.
My prediction is that those three fringe issues considered by AMPTP as objectionable: reality TV and animation jurisdiction, the right to stage sympathy strikes, and forced arbitration in residual situations involving vertically integrated businesses. will become easy negotations by the time Mars (counterpart to Venus) stations direct on January 30th.

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