Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Motivation to End Writer's Strike - Directors, Studio reach Deal

January 22nd Could still be the Day when WGA Says No More Strike.
Today with both a positive applying trine from Jupiter to Saturn growing closer and a focused Aquarian Stellium, now the directors and studios have made an agreement. This afternoon the LA Times reported around 2:43 PM: "The Directors Guild of America today reached an agreement with the major studios that will now put pressure on Hollywood writers to revive talks to end an 11-week-old strike that has roiled Hollywood."
It appears that everyone from Tom Hanks to others like Ron Howard and Oliver Stone of the Director's Guild want this thing over and done to avoid more $ carnage. Sony's "Angels & Demons," a prequel to the $757-million-grossing "The Da Vinci Code" has been a casualty since the release date is now May 2009 as opposed to December 2008. Yet since Monday (after a solid positive earth Grand Trine yesterday with value oriented Taurus Moon to Jupiter (in Capricorn-the moguls) and Saturn (in Virgo the writers and directors). Yes Monday was when the WGA( Writers Guild of America) announced interim deals with Spyglass Entertainment and Media Rights Capital that allow its members to write on those companies' projects.

Now today's chart set for 1:54 PM (no exact time of director-studio agreement) when a bright, encouraging and highly focused Aquarium Stellium was overhead in Hollywood. Combined with a previously entrenched Saturn-Virgo in the IC or foundation roots of this strike in an easy rocking trine to Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn in the partnership house we are seeing daylight.
(I will be saying a lot more about the Mercury ruler of writers, journalists, scribes of all kinds in Aquarius along side Vesta an asteroid that tells of devoted commitment and focus in the humanitarian sign of the water bearer)

Aquarian Stellium and Internet Gifts Moves a Settlement Along
Finally the deal breaker or sweetner - internet royalites were featured in today's three-year contract.
Aquarius relates to internet and wireless networks... With the Saturn and Uranian ruled mix, directors negotiated an improved deal than what studios had initially offered writers, including higher royalties for online sales of their movies and TV shows.
Let's see how quickly the weekend's talks and the Full Moon on Jan. 22nd @ 5:35 AM @ 2 Leo with a Sabian symbol of the unexpected thunderstorm brings a swift conclusion to this 11-week-old strike that pissed off Hollywood.

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