Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vesta adds Focus and Commitment to Mercury-Chiron in Aquarius

Part One Revolution in Art, Science and Exopolitics

Chiron the bridge between Lord Saturn to the Uranus and higher conciousness entered Aquarius back in Feb. 2005. Normally with Mercury's (pictured above) solar rotation being 88 days, we have at one meeting a year between Shamanic Chiron and the swift messenger. This year due to a retrograde loop starting Jan. 28th there are three encounters and the first today @ 4:00 AM PT. (See chart above) Then less then 24hrs. after what could be an intense solar annular eclipse in Saros Cycle 10 North, so these two tricksters meet in the sign of the humanitarian who demands truth @ 12:36 PM on 2-7-08. Then on March 4th. the third encounter @ 17* 57 Aquarius just minutes from the Eclipse Degree with the Sabian: "the last man at the masquerade is unmasked as a thunderstorm is brewing outside."
In my article written Jan. 24th, 2006 I talked about a notable Mercury-Chiron transit: Mercury the Messenger and Trickster meets the Shamanic Chiron Here I mentioned some of the amazing ablilities that are fostered by Mercurial-Chironic contacts with examples like Pablo Casals, Maria Callas and Jimi Hendrix (with an out of sign SQ). Jimi as we will see also had Vesta posited in Aquarius. I said that "the shamanic tendency of Chiron to open up the intuitive areas of the brain more easily. In Aquarius this mercurial combo can lead to critical scientific thinking and Eureka like discoveries." When we examine some of the events including scientific breakthroughs for the last few days it will be obvious.

Vesta in Aquarius is really the wild card in this trio.
Suffice to say that Vesta (the asteroid goddess of the devotional flame.
Before we delve into Vesta's both humanitarian and highly futuristic influence in Aquarius. Remember that besides the fact that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, the esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury, As the planet of arousing shocks and unexpected electrical phenomena slowly moves from Pisces into Aries we are bound to find out time again with Chironic energies that the warring instincts of Aries can put down the sword and choose the pen of Mercury to be a more effective spiritual warrior.
Vesta in Aquarius is really about being futuristic in one's thinking as it is being devoted to humanitarian causes. It is also about fining more innovative methods to be productive and creative in daily work and great pursuits.
Others with Vesta in Aquarius include, Germaine Greer, Vincent van Gough, Marlon Brando, William Blake Mary Shelly to Paul McCartney...
Now in our current transit, when Mercury combines with Vesta especially in Aquarius there is strong tendency to develop the mind and dedicate to scientific research. We also see an overpowering drive to express, communicate one's ideas or ideals.
Advances and effects of this futuristic trio in the last few days.
Finally the admission that human cloning experiments are going forward with this story:Cloning Said to Yield Human Embryos - Scientists at a small biotechnology company say they have used cloning to create human embryos from the skin cells of two men. Here we have the other side of Mercury Aquarius (cold, objective) combined with Mars in dualistic Gemini. With the moon in Gemini expect to hear a lot of dialogue concerning the ethics of this research.

Extra-terrestrial Communion is Here
By now you should have heard about the UFO mania in Stephenville well even the mainstream press is unable to dismiss these sightings. We will see a UFO PRESS CONFERENCE SAT. JAN 19 DUBLIN, TEXAS MUFON...
More then credible reports of UFO's all over the world and particularly in Stephenville and Lake Travis Texas. Today we have video of a saucer over Lake Travis - even though this is reported on Fox with Photo and Video of UFO Sighting in Central Texas
Mystery Radio Burst from Outer Space Here we find the remarkable outer space transcendent influences of Chiron in Aquarius which connects to extraterrestrial communion and exopolitics. 1-16-2008: KTVU-TV in the San Francisco Bay area, reported:
“Across the globe, researchers searching for signs of life in space were abuzz this week with word that a mystery signal has been picked up by a giant radio-telescope (Arecibo) in Puerto Rico"
How to answer such a signal is the domain of the half-man half centaur in the innovative sign of Aquarius.

Advancements in the realm of intraspecies communication: Scientists develop computer that can 'translate' a dog's bark. Of course our animal friends: cats and dogs, especially sacred to Sirius are always trying to express themselves. We the humans are finally listening a really Mercury-Chiron Aquarius element.

Associations and organizations working together to settle WGA strike:

The Directors Guild of America's tentative three-year deal with networks and studios. Perhaps this deal which is a "message to the WGA speed up the negotiations" reflects how vesta in Aquarius will even curb natural freedom and aggressiveness. Here the Goddess is about and joining with friends or associations in order to carry out essential duties more effectively.

In Part Two I will focus on both the humanitarian and revolutionary efforts to bring forth peace and justice.

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