Saturday, January 05, 2008

California Blizzard of 2008 Hails a Capricorn Snow Moon

Capricorn New Moon - Part One Weather Makes News to Start 2008

As I write this article on Saturday January 5th. we on the Pacific Coast are being hammered by a gigantic storm. With Venus applying to an exact Square with Saturn-Virgo (tomorrow @ 5:39 AM PT) which can indicate a cooling trend not just emotionally but meteorologically since Venus deals with amounts of moisture. So here we are after 24 hours plus of hurricane force winds and torrential rains where thousands of people had no power in three states and thousands more had been told to leave their homes in mudslide-prone areas of Southern California. Mudslides and Saturn in mutable earthy Virgo seem to go together. Also avalanches can be attributed to earth signs and with the current Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center Avalanche Advisory this seems a snowy reality.
Snow Moon the new moon in Capricorn @ 3:37 AM 1-8-08 is technically not the Snow or Wolf Moon (Indian lore assigns the Full Moon in January to that position) but it sure is cold! With Jupiter-Capricorn, Sun-Moon and Mercury-the Weather Planet @ 0 Degrees Aquarius (ingress 1-7-08) offering more high winds and massive precipitation. It appears the inclement weather will hang around for a while. How long? Looks like weather will be making the news into January 12th when Venus will translate the light between Saturn and Uranus with an awesome SQ to Uranus in wet, oceanic Pisces.
Yes Aquarius and the modern ruler Uranus will mean unexpected climactic conditions among other forces which will be covered in Part Two Harsh Realities Drop.

Even the fixed stars in this Lunation are a bit ominous (more will be covered in Part Two)
Acumen ( the sting of the Scorpion) - Rising 22 mins 02 secs before Sunrise -
Suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumurs and ancient interpretations tell of how Acumen By virtue of his tail armed with its powerful sting can wage fierce warfare now against man, now against beast, and provide the spectacle of death and to perish in the arena per (Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, p.239-240)
Mirfak - Setting 34 mins 23 secs before Sunrise - in the elbow of the Champion, Perseus.
This is where our friend the recent Messenger Comet Holmes has been haning out and impersonating the Blue Kachina?
Meanings are diverse since this is a constellation that deals with the young, bold hunter who eagerly engaging in, and pursuing, the events of one's life. Also per George Noonan in : Perseus and Mirfak are indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.
We will soon find out.

Before we go into Part Two where we examine a chart set for Capricorn New Moon in DC, note that in the above lunation with Scorpio rising @ 25* 52' with the Sabian of Indian and their native American chief breaking camp - a symbol which deals with who is really competent and do we really have too many chiefs and few Indian braves to handle our current crisis. We also fined that Algol is rising as Jupiter is Culminating orb 00 mins 24 secs - Not only known as a demonic star but a primal, sexual obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual

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