Monday, January 21, 2008

Financial Panic, High Waves and Unexpected Thunderstorms or Just Letting Go? Leo Full Moon in Cold January

Many signs both cosmic and earthly are dramatically framing the next Full Moon on January 22nd @ 8:35 PM ET. Pictured above we have Algol ("Head of Gorgon Medusa".) shining through the density of comet Holme's atmosphere during their continued encounter exact on the Full Moon. First it was Mirfak (the young male warrior) of the constellation Perseus that met Holmes, the paramount messenger of the night sky last month. Remember Perseus used Medusa's head to slay the Sea Monster (Cetus) after rescuing Andromeda - Tuesdays' Moon will symbolize a drive for freedom for the oppressed members of our world (Chiron) offering a chance for the feminine (maternal energies to cast off the chains). (notice in the chart above Saturn the ruler and almuten with Aquarius rising is in the feminine sign Virgo and trine Jupiter in paternal Capricorn).

Mysteries Unfold as a Crysalis of Freedom Rises
I ask again what should we expect with tomorrow's mighty lunation @ 1* Leo 54' opposing a block of Aquarium bodies noted for surprises and sudden changes? Examining the prominent 25* Aquarius rising in the chart set for DC, the classic Sabian Symbol "A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed." comes to mind and instead of thinking of the obvious Monarch mind control image with Neptune at ASC lets consider that the right brain of intuitive thought is more perfectly formed. Saturn and Uranus are rulers of the ascendant and speak of material changes on a large scale. Will we see high waves (Neptune-Mercury-North Node), earthquakes both physical and political, volcanic eruptions and revelations including coverage onthe Buried Volcano Discovered in Antarctica, plus after Project Disclosure back in 2007

more more visitations and UFO sightings worldwide, economic collapse - yes probably all the above. Relying on an old cliche: better to expect the unexpected we notice Sun @ 2* Aquarius translates to "An unexpected thunderstorm. or A man stands out in the pouring rain outside his girlfriends' window and shouts his love to the rooftops!" Clearly this Sabian Symbol is about breakthroughs of all kinds from passionate outbursts where it is important to laugh to keep from crying. Trying to contain a disaster by channeling our energies. Normally Aquarius is about objectiivity and a detached state of mind yet with Mercury-Neptune together there is a temptation to give into panic. Actually the Sabian for 2* Leo helps us contain and even render harmless, an epidemic of fear by disseminating powerful information: "at the site of an epidemic, a doctor gives a press conference on the nature of the disease and procedures for containment."
Perhaps it is the demise of the American Economy that looms as the scariest image...

Economic Volatility Explodes?

Today on MLK day with US markets closed, the news of world economic
crash rushed like an avalanche down a snow encrusted mountain. European shares fell nearly 6 percent seemingly influenced by the distinct possibility of a US recession - this is the biggest one-day slide since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Even the New Zealand Stock Exchange and the Australian ALL ORDINARIES IDX are opening down setting the stage for Black Tuesday?.
All this economic data to presage monetary crisis is happening less then 24 hours before the Wolf Moon hits. Yet with Aquarius dominating we might just see a rebound in the Dow and NASDAQ just to spite an oversold market!
The sting of Mars, Antares and Acumen is Nurtured by Capella
In the chart above Mars is both angular/strong in the 4th and retrograde @ 24 Gemini, still opposing that partnership killer Venus-Pluto in Sagittarius in the 10th house of the executive branch, government, the leadership and the ruling class. I mentioned in my last post how this opposition marks a country divided most evidenced by housing crash. By January 23rd we will see an exact conjunction of Venus-Pluto creating both the end of some of the worst despotic rulers and the beginning of feminine coalitions that will crystallize as both ingress into ambitious Capricorn. Acumen the HELIACAL RISING STAR is the sting of the Scorpion bent on enduring attacks mostly verbal and fed rumors. Could this mean actual that this star which is associated with both literal and figurative blindness bring a desire to " wage fierce warfare now against man, now against beast?" The Israeli blockade of Gaza illustrates how these type of attacks can actually be repulsive: (Israel refused to reopen crossings or allow crucial fuel supplies into Gaza on Monday) .Another prominent fixed star in this lunation is Antares, one of the Great or Royal Stars and Watcher of the West known as the heart of the Scorpion. Antares is Culminating at the Mid-heaven with a tight orb 02 mins 12 secs -
all about going to extremes, great success which can be undone while perpetuating, or being subjected to, polarizing events.
Capella Brings Freedom to Help Channel Mars

Finally Capella is the HELIACAL SETTING STAR seeking freedom note that Capella is known as the "Little She-goat", a white star in Auriga marking the goat that the Charioteer is carrying on his left shoulder. Capella is perhaps the most interesting of the trio with a mythic connection to nurturing and food:"previous name of this star was Amalthea, which referred to the goat that suckled the baby Zeus (Jove/Jupiter)." Capella is connected to speed and flight with its' free spirited energies. When we dig deeper we find the Celtic myth of Macha the horse goddess and was the wife of Cruinniuc, an Ulster farmer. This farmer as the legend goes: "during a chariot race, boasted that his wife could run faster than the king's horses. The king heard, and demanded she be brought to put her husband's boast to the test. Despite being heavily pregnant, she raced the horses and beat them, giving birth to twins on the finish line" With this mega full moon, Mars represents the twins which when he goes direct on January 30th will kick off the final phase of the American conscious mind to channel our dualistic attitude about waging war into a need for nurturing and unqualified freedom. Macha's curse was that all men even the most "macho" would feel the the pain women go thru in childbirth. As we begin to birth a new era of peace, we will all be expected to deliver this baby as Mars turns direct and makes an ingress into maternal Cancer on March. 5th.
Expect this lunation to bring revolution and don't expect it to be quiet!

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