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A House Divided Redux - Mars-Venus Opposition Leads

Map of US Representatives After 2006 Elections

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."
I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.
These were the memorable words of a speech given by Abraham Lincoln On June 16, 1858, when more than 1,000 Republican delegates met in the Springfield, Illinois, statehouse for the Republican State Convention. At 5 p.m. they chose Abraham Lincoln as their candidate for the U.S. Senate - at that time Neptune @ 24 Pisces 54 was closely SQ the Sun and Astrea @ 25 and 23 Gemini (an aspect that makes it hard to separate reality from fact and can increase the volume to the sound of misunderstandings).

Mars opposes Venus Across the MC-IC of Washington DC

The restructuring of America continues with a retrograde Mars (MC) in heavy review mode since a station last Nov. 15 @ 12 Cancer right across the US Sun. Now an exact opposition with Venus-Sagittarius posited at the deep domain, foundational roots (IC) these here United States. The sting of Mars in US domestic and foreign politics has been highly evident to many since the invasion of IRAQ. Today Jan. 19th 2008 an interesting story came out about our close neighbor Canada: Canada removes U.S., Israel from torture watchlist under pressure!

Tonight we have a revival of the idea of the House Divided
For those students of Mundane Astrology we know that the US Sibley Chart has that most illusory yet super volatile mutable Mars-21 Gemini SQ 22 Neptune which has been our super ego of a waring culture dedicated to manifest destiny disguised as empire now disguised as spreading democracy around the world.

In my post: Jan. 4, 2008 Lakota Declare Sovereign Status Amid Sagittarian Stellium
I spoke of how this was an appropriate time (Jupiter-Pluto conjunction) for the Lakota Sioux Nation told the US State Dept. they were literally seceding from the USA.

Today we hear that Montana governor Brian Schweitzer (born Sept. 4, 1955) a Virgo with a critically rebellious Chiron-Aquarius opposition to Uranus had declared independence Friday from federal identification rules. In fact Brian's natal opposition was a mirror to the current Chironic stellium in Aquarius giving voice to those that have been hurt or slighted. Thus he called on governors of 17 other states to join him in forcing a showdown with the federal government which says it will not accept the driver's licenses of rebel states' citizens starting May 11. In many real ways the national ID card constitutes a step back into slavery much less invasion of privacy.
There is a showdown coming especially with Venus in the chart above translating the energies of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on Dec. 11th 2007 by entering Capricorn on January 24th one day before Pluto makes its' most material entrance into the sign of the Lord of Time and Karma: Capricorn. When these two planets of war and peace move from dual, mutabbles (Gemini-Sagittarius) into strong angular action signs the divisions of our house will become soldified.
PART TWO - Houses Divided Going Forward
View a BiWheel Chart with US Sibley Foundation Chart (Sagittarius Rising) inside and Mars-Venus Opposition on Outer Wheel
We can see that Venus and Mars are keys to many of the coming changes to the US (where there is Mars there is always Venus). In chart's for countries and nations Venus represents arts, entertainment, music and other social pleasures, as well as diplomacy, protocol and ceremonial functions. We have already seen the debacle of the Golden Globes where the glamour of the red carpet was scraped. Plus planet involved with the sign Cancer deals with homes and families as the roots of the current Real Estate Storm that is ominously formed. Back to the Venusian connection with entertainment, take a look at some of the movies hitting Sundance this weekend. Besides a film which criticizes the early days of Rudolph Giuliani (Gemini born May 28, 1944 with Saturn @ 27 Gemini) we have a Barry Levinson's star-studded sly satire about Hollywood, "What Just Happened?". This is a film tpicks up where Robert Altman's "The Player" left off telling in typical Capricorn dark, humor the results of being a top producer fighting the glitz, tabloid and agent provocations.
Now for Mars which obviously deals with armies, military force, police states and engineering we need to realize that Mars in the Sibley chart has stationed retrograde first time in our history on June 2006. Currently Mars is Retrograde @ 18 Libra 41* (a cardinal sign of action) which will be in a challenging SQ to Venus by Feb. 8, 2008 and to Mars in Cancer on March 19th. If you think that the average person including the soldier on the ground is sick of the Iraq War wait till February and March 2008.
We are now seeing the effect of transiting Jupiter in most limiting reality of Capricorn opposing the US Venus-Jupiter as the economy begins to disintegrate. Next immediate stop will be Jupiter opposing US Sun when the glowing promises of the Bush economic stimulus package has already flown the helicopters over America.
By Election DAy November 4th with Jupiter posited at the same 18* Capricorn pushing that weak progressed Mars into moving the $$ set for the War Machine into other enterprises.

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