Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pluto's Last Entrance into Cap. Bengal-Burma Earthquake and Tsunami of 1762

In my last post I mentioned that I had done some searches about events that transpired the last time that Pluto entered Capricorn which was Jan 8, 1762. So here goes we have:
Jan 4, 1762 : England declared war on Spain & Naples after King George ascended tothe throne two years before
July 17th, 1762 Catherine the Great became empress of Russia after the death of Peter III. The change in monarchy actually happened without assasination: "By order of the Empress, Peter was taken to a nearby estate in the village of Ropsha. There he was held under surveillance. The following day, Sunday, June 30, 1762, Catherine made a triumphal entry into St. Petersburg, where she was greeted with bells ringing, artillery salvos and wild acclamations. Six days later she received the news that Peter had died. He apparently had argued with his guards."
Mozart's (born Jan. 27, 1756): first public concert in Vienna when he was only 6 years ol in October 1762. So Mozart Saturn-Uranian ruled Aquarian with Uranus in musical Pisces stunned the musical world as an infant. Perhaps one of the most notable events of that year was a natural disaster...

The Bengal-Burma earthquake and tsunami of 1762.
This historically notable disaster, a tsunami which may have been observed following a large earthquake (Magnitude unknown) on the 2nd April 1762 which
took place on he Bengal - Burma border region. The epicenter is believed to have been about 40 km southeast of Chittagong, or 61 km north of Cox's Bazaar, or 257 km southeast of Dacca. There was severe damage in Chittagong. Perhaps not as large as the 2004 event near Banda Acech but it did result in more than 160 km of the Arakan coast beign elevated, while other
areas sank. Back to the present, just yesterday a Magnitude 5.0 quake occurred in this same area near the India-Bangladesh border - are we looking at some foreshadowing for wheat is to come in the spring of 2008?

Chart for the April 2nd 1762 Event (time unknown- still no record in USGS archives) has a recipe for seismic disaster. My chart is set for 12 PM where Moon sits on the ascendant @ 15 degrees SQ a powerhouse combo of Uranus-Sun-Venus-Saturn-Jupiter all in fiery Aries. It is likely that a massive quake actually happened the evening of April 1st or early AM with the Moon touching off that earthy Pluto @ 1 Capricorn and that highly volatile Uranus-Sun-Saturn...
Note that around April 7th 2008 we will have conditions right for a series of floods, quakes or volcanic eruptions with Sun-Mercury-Venus all in Aries and Mars as a trigger again in Cancer all TSQ Pluto. Plus on from March 4th to March 10th a Mars-Pluto opposition should be ratcheting up both the potential for economic and social violence besides earth and weather changes.
This years Annualar Solar Eclipse begins at 3:55 AM UT on February 7th with a stellium of Saturn-Uranian Planets to possibly trigger explosive natural disasters within 30 to 60 days of the event.

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