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Economic, Political and Real Earthquakes: Sequel to Capricorn New Moon

Rumblings from the Capricorn Alignment
As Bob Dylan sang in 1989 (when Saturn-Uranus-Neptune were all in the sign of the Mountain Goat) about living in a political world.
We live in a political world,
Love don't have any place.
We're living in times where men commit crimes
And crime don't have a face

Dylan's lyrics linger now that the results of the New Hampshire primary are being questioned. Stories have been breaking all day via Alex Jones and Ron Paul's website about: Ron Paul Votes Not Counted In New Hampshire District
Vote fraud confirmed
You might notice that the chart above cast for exact New Moon in Cardinal Capricorn for DC. has Capricorn Rising with Jupiter expanding the political functioning on the ascendant. Sun-Moon in Capricorn in first and Pluto @ 29 Sagittarius 24' on the critical degree on the cusp of the next HUGE change ready to shake rattle and roll into Capricorn on January 25th @ 10:44 PM ET.

Just like the fact that the corporate media and political power brokers didn't count on such a populist candidate like Ron Paul whose supporters are willing to use that transiting Saturn in Virgo to see voter irregularities unlike the last two General Elections in 2000 and 2004. Dr. Ron Paul (born August 20, 1935) is experiencing the power of true believers with transiting Uranus @ 15 Pisces applying to a conjunction with his natal Vesta @ 18 Pisces. We can't really call Dr. Paul the Aquarian candidate but the fact that his natal Venus @ 22 Virgo closely connects to the US Chart's Neptune tends to create the idealistic candidate who is ready to abolish the IRS and get us our of IRAQ poste haste. The thing his having his practical venus in this position not only creates true believers but since it is SQ the US Mars (don't tread on me in the 7th a certain passionate anger is generated). I will get into this in another writing but Paul's Sun @ 26 Leo is opposing the US Moon @ 27 Aquarius creating a natural conflict between ego and emotions along with grassroots populism and lot's controversy when embracing the Ron Paul Revolution. Consider that his natal Mercury @ 7 Virgo is closely SQ the US chart's point of innovation Uranus @ 8 Gemini adding that desire to build a better mousetrap.
Lately it is even more telling is the that transiting Chiron @ 13 Aquarius (maverick healer) is challenging his vital charismatic Mars-Jupiter pairing in Scorpio with a an exact midpoint. Fox news is still reeling from their attacks on Paul as Saturn continues to retrograde next to his Mercury enabling his army of followers to influence the mainstream with promotional quakes.

Saturn logical experts are thrown a trump card: Yes those supposedly shrewd pundits who are trotted out on every major network couldn't ever count on the effect of Mercury-Aquarius on the cusp of the second house of values. They just might underestimate the value of the unexpected as average people mass together to seek redress since Urananian ruled Vesta(Devotion)-Chiron(common wounds) are together chasing down the planet of ideals, starry dreams and illusions: Neptune which will meet N Node of destiny later this year the first part of May.
Economically the volatility of today's market was experienced as the DOW fought back and U.S. Stocks Gained Most in 2 Weeks, Led by Technology, Financials - transiting Neptune will be conjunct Pluto in the NYSE foundation chart (May 17, 1792) on April 1st - hmmm is this market going to be manipulated while home prices go down the drain?
More Surprises: Mercury-Moon brought in the Aquarius effect as the CBS News and Writers Ended their Dispute After 2 Years

Real Live Tremors Hit the West Coast and Beyond
So yesterday's lunation brought in a whole bunch of Saturn ruled planets and some of them are ruled by the god of earthquakes Uranus. And Venus is applying to an exact SQ with Uranus on January 12th not especially a huge indicator of ground movement and even with lots of Capricorn and Aquarius planets there has to be some other triggers for (1) 6.4 earthquake hits off Oregon coast at 5:37 p.m. Wednesday
(2) Lots of recent shaking in Yellowstone, MT with a 3.7 early today. (
(3)Another large quake in the QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION off the coast of Vancouver this time 6.1 Magnitude
(4) A 6.4 Magnitude Quake in remote Tibet- WESTERN XIZANG early AM
Earthquake Predilictions
Let's examine another aspect to time earthquakes (not shown on the chart...
Planetary Nodes where on Jan. 8th @ 3:37 PM with chart set for Seattle in between Portland in the South and Vancouver in the North
Uranus Ascending Node @ 12 Gemini 22 is applying to SQ with Saturn and Uranus while
Uranus Descending Node @ 15 Sagittarius 36 is exactly SQ transiting Uranus...continues Exact SQ on January 9th during Oregon quake
Mars Ascending Node 8 Aries 20 is applying to a SQ with Jupiter
Mars Descending Node 11 Libra 30 is applying to SQ with both Saturn and Uranus

Other massive phenomena that seems much more Plutonic then just Saturn or Uranian - Volcanos. Mother nature's way to purge and cast fire up from the depths of the earth seemingly reminds us of the Pluto-Mars opposition which is still in orb are the series of Volcanoes going off on the ring of fire.
Today we found that Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano is poised for a major eruption.
Another on on Saturday Jan. 5th: a mud volcano, known as Sai Chung volcano, located on the Sai Chung Island east of Kyawk Phyu town in Arakan state of Burma erupted.
Then Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano put on a spectacular show Saturday, spewing out a huge, billowing cloud of ash and steam eight kilometers (five miles) high.

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