Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kenya - On Fire with Uranus-Pluto and Especially Mars Not Taking Prisoners

Stories coming out of Kenya on 12-31-2007 (More than 120 killed in Kenya election violence) when Mars recently ingressed back into an applying opposition to Pluto (exact on 1-2-2008) were drenched in violence. Mars-Pluto crossing the MC-IC of the independence chart in the middle.
Accounts of tribal warfare seemed disturbingly reminiscient of the last time Pluto-Jupiter had joined together in 1994 when Rwandan Massacre occured. This is a country of ancient history with fossils that have been discovered in Kenya, dating from the Mesozoic Era, over 200 million years ago.
Kenya with an independence chart that mirrors deep evolutionary roots with S Node @ 12 Capricorn "a student of nature lecturing" and N Node @ 12 Cancer which defines a message for humanity Sabian being "a chinese woman nursing a baby and reading from a holy book where the words transcend the text." Perhaps this violence is a profound lesson for all of us during the Galactic Night to resolve our differencew without bloodshed. Unfortunately the next few months will have this fatal Pluto-Jupiter opp. Mars combo continue turning the group soul of Kenya inside out.

Since the December 27th 2007 disputed elections in Kenya, chaos, civil strife and injury has become a way of life. Looking back on Dec. 12, 1963 (Per Nick Campion's: Book of World Horoscopes) when Kenya became fully independent from the British Empire a volatile mutable Uranus-Pluto conjunction which is known to shake things up especially opposing Chiron in martyr oriented Pisces.
The Solar Identity of this African nation of 37 Million + souls is about Vesta @ 18 54' Sagittarius (devotion to beliefs) conjunct Sun @ 19 05 Sagittarius - Adventurer respectively the Sabian Symbols are "a refugee camp for children comes under the crossfire of war.." with Sun "the off duty soldier chatting up a woman over iced drinks " offering a romantic vision like the Nairobi National Wildlife Park and a Swahilli motto: "Let us all pull together"
Even in this part of the world where political violence wracked neighboring countries, like Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda, Kenya remained relatively calm till the election wrought with vote tampering surfaced like a raging wildfire on the Days following 12-27-07 with Saturn statiioned Retrograde on the Kenya Indie Chart Ascendant creating restrictions and with Dragon's tail S Node over 12th house of prisons, hospitals, secret governments and clandestine operation and the future point of destiny N Node floating over the 6th House of the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, police, wage conditions...making of unrest and revolution. By today (Jan. 3, 2008) with over 300 dead and "riot police officers used tear gas, batons and water cannons to push back thousands of opposition supporters who poured into the streets to answer a call for a million-person rally that had been banned by the government."
It might be a long while before the people of Kenya are going to get back to normal since Uranus (revolutions rocking ideological foundations of a government) now direct transiting the 7th of Indie Chart...will be in exact SQ to Sun-Vesta the first two weeks of March. This is a country now out of control with progressed Sun-Mars now in Aquarius and rulers: Saturn now @ 23 Aquarius (all about activism and civil rights-democracy) and Uranus now Retrograde to 9 Virgo. So we have the progressed Venus-Chiron (wounds opened with wars being fought to right wrongs or change a balance of power) opposing both Pluto-Uranus to transform the entire face of Kenya and with Mars stationing direct on January 30th the internal destruction will escalate. And Uranian transit over the Kenyan foundation chart will destroy treaties and/or disputes along with business relationships or other agreements. It will take foreign intervention due to a turf war over the strategic positioning and natural resources from petroleum products, grain, coffee and sugar milling. A Big Fight is Ahead.

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Toondebron said...

Dear Friends, Kenya must be a beautiful place to be when people are in peace with each other.
Men is selfish by nature and when it comes to power man can be very proud and then you can't trust them anymore.
Only LOVE never fails.
Uranus, the planet of change and revolution is in Pisces and then many things change or you get an aquarel, a revolution in aqua/water and like the Katarina where the USA get paid back what she has stolen from the poor countries and we will see many more desasters coming over the West that let more than 40.000 people die of starvation and that might result in the crash of the dollar, maybe not this year but I think the latest in oct.2009 and the fall of capitalisme.
Many leaders are powerhungry and do then silly, unwise things.
But LOVE never fails and only then you can be happy, preferring the happiness of others above your own.
With kindly greetings Tondebron
PS. I am an Aquarian !