Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pluto Ingress Into Capricorn - Musings or Ruminations?

Two Wheel Chart with US Sibley Chart set for 7-4-1776 @ 5:10 PM Philadelphia in center.
Outside Wheel:Pluto Ingress into Capricorn set for 1-25-2008 @ 9:38 PM DC

Cardinal Fears and George Orwell Revisited
Tonight as the Aries moon in Crescent beauty and a little over 24 hours away from a critical 1st Qtr. SQUARE to Mr. Politics Capricorn, my thoughts turn to how will the Pluto ingress into Capricorn play out? This article will not be my last even after Jan. 25th when the Lord of the Underworld-Hades enters Capricorn @ 10:44 PM ET.
Dark and Light Versions of the Goat's Entrance.
Scanning recent news articles that seemingly offer different faces of the Goat including the Satanic Baphomet (from Baphomet to Ea-the Seagoat)I just caught an article in the UK's Independent which incidentally was removed a month later thus recap: Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs' Wow this is the real deal, just like David Icke and others have been trying to say for years...since Neptune-Uranus met in Capricorn in the early 90's.
For those who are not familiar with the progression of National ID Card & CHIP Agenda might want to watch this short video.
This all sounds like the worst nightmare scenario of Orwellian (Eric Arthur Blair whose pen name was George Orwell was born a Cancer June 25, 1903). Orwell had Sun-Neptune together in Cancer - a bit of a psychic but paranoid position. His chart look at his Mars in Libra near his North node of destiny @ 12* in keeping the theme of cardinals the progenitors of action and spearheading extravaganzas. Note that the January 25th ingress of Pluto @ 10:44 PM ET has Libra ascendant @ 12 degrees. And as other astrologers including myself have pointed out Pluto slowly, inexorably opposes the US Chart's Venus March 2009 for a real kick in the ass to the consumer economy. Then in March 2010 an opposition to Jupiter will shake up our laws, court system and beliefs as the elite face the unstoppable wave of energies precipated by the first climactic TSQ of Saturn/Libra-Uranus/Aries-Pluto/Capricorn exploding across America's MC-IC-ASC to shake our deep foundational roots and core.
Enough of trying to even compare 1984 to 2008 and the coming 14+ years of escalating destruction and rebirth - major our systems.

It Doesn't have to be like that if you...
Just Open Your Mind and Know Who is Out There
Open Your Mind - Illuminati Symbolism - It's All Around You!


Exopolitics and Universal Underworld
Personally I prefer to embrace a system of Exopolitics pointing to a time when the quarantine on Earth is lifted and we can embrace extraterrestrial life Or to understand Calleman's view of a more transcendental period arriving by 2010 when the Mayan Universal Underworld begins on Oct. 28, 2011 and a dualistic mind set evolves into a sustained period of enlightenment. For those that have been following my discussions or those of Clow and Calleman, we just entered he Fifth Night on November 19, 2007 ruled by the Aztec God: Tezcatilpoca he Lord of Darkness. This period ends on November 12, 2008 and will portend a deep crisis for the materialistic culture and as the cardinal energies line up a time of destructive reactions for not just the US but the European Union.

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