Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tentative Agreements with Writer's Strike 2008 as Crescent Moon Begins

Updates: will the strike be over by Jan. 22nd?
Riding the high profile wake-wave left by movie-TV moguls as of Friday 1-11-08 is the Weinstein Co. who have made up front deals with the WGA long before the Alliance of Motion Picture
and Television Producers can reach a full agreement with the writers. Yes the Weinstein Co. played it smart and made nice, signing an interim deal with WGA (interim deal with the Writers Guild of America )

From the preceding article we see the Uranian theme played (today Venus SQ Uranus) since others are following the speedy Mercury in Aquarius almost next to Ms. Dedication: Pallas a wild card in Neptune ruled Pises and close to a meeting with Mr. Excitement Uranus.
As of Saturday-the Sabath as he most expansive planet Jupiter(esoterically a symbol of the ascended masters and exoterically of over the top gestures) just 2 degrees away from perfect trine with Saturn today levels more encouraging signs ahead AP: Directors, Studios Begin Labor Talks
Even the hint of a quick resolution with "an e-mail from DGA president Michael Apted to guild members added to speculation that a speedy resolution with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers could be in the works."
It looks really promising from my point of view with the winged messenger-Mercury translating the light between Vesta-Chiron and finally a date with destiny meeting mystical Neptune or should we say Fuzzy Logic disorientation? on Jan. 22n.
Send me your thoughts if you think the strike will be over by Jan. 22nd 2008 or at least we will see a deal signed. Even if the deal is broken when Mercury stations retrograde on Jan. 28th this would be a big win for everyone.

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