Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Moon in Libra - Let's Make a Deal if we can Under This Crazy Sun


The New Moon is here in what should be peace loving Libra with John Lennon singing
imagine from the hereafter but we also have controversy during this wave of justice. Despite the turmoil, upheaval and fighting back we are seeing radical reversals with Sun-Mercury-Moon all in Libra opposing Uranus. The New Moon in Libra is packing a wallop with both cardinal TSQ
and a fixed trio involving Vesta (Aquarius) Jupiter (Taurus) and of course Mars in Leo. Vesta is about focus and commitment and the Occupy Wall Street movement just
got some real support: Over 100 NYPD Officers Refuse to Work in Support of Occupy Wall Street Movement
Karma and turn about after what the police did to the protestors and the guy who was wielding
the Video Cam.

When it comes to action this New Moon didn't dissapoint since it featured a Grand Fire Trine, A Kite and a Rosetta. Libra is very strong in the DC chart set for 7:09 AM EDT where the Moon-Sun-Mercury are all rising and in an opposition to Uranus on the 7th.
The 7th house deals with open aggression and the news is : Iran planning to send ships near U.S. waters
"The Navy of the Iranian Army will have a powerful presence near the United States borders," read the headline of the story, in Farsi.
Controversial and radical events turn into arguments but still the weirdness continues in to
maximum overdrive on September 28th.
When the bad ass square to Pluto is exact @ 2:35 AM which means even more turbulent conditions with the Sun Square Pluto @ 2:35 AM filled with upheaval, secrecy and power grabs.
This all leads to Mercury Square Pluto @ 7:26 when things get a lot more disturbing and the storms kick up and shocking announcements are made. Underscoring all this wild news is Mercury Conjunct the Sun @ 1:16 PM expect a proclamation of major importance from world leaders and it won't be Elenin but Space Weather will be on the table.

The sunspot has quieted down since unleashing dual X-flares on Sept. 22nd and 24th. Nevertheless, NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours. Any such eruptions would be Earth-directed as the sunspot crosses the center of the solar disk.

Perhaps one of the stranger announcements which really kicks the religious doomers in the feet is that Mayan film documentary claims proof of aliens Right at the start of th e
6th Night known for exploring the unknown and darker side. Yeah here we have a new documentary about Mayan civilization will provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient culture, according to a Mexican government official and the film's producer.

The doomsayers are still coming out of the woodwork as the Uranus-Pluto square shakes things yet it is the Mars rocking with a heckler.
only son of God! YOU ARE ANTI-CHRIST!"
Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana shows live video of the heckler of Obama , and then breaks down some scripture in the Word of God - Are you saved?
More rumors here with even Elenin mentioned despite it fading away

The religious and super rightous are still kicking the glass empty with your daily doom
and own personal apocalypse. Wait a freakin minute this is a Libra New Moon not a Pisces Full
That was just the start of what is coming up in October.
October 2nd. Mars is in an exact square to Jupiter in Taurus (beliefs, ethics - religious affliations widening) Yes over-confidence in one’s beliefs, religious or others and a tendency to impose their views on others...
October 3rd. First Qtr. Moon in Cardinal Capricorn square Uranus
October 6th. Mercury conjunct Saturn - Serious news and negotiations with Saturn in Libra
October 7th. Venus Trine Neptune - a time of sacrifice, longing, over idealistic and deception with dreamlike or hallucinatory
October 8th - Venus Enters Scorpio - Passion, intensity and seduction
And so on to
October 17th with Mercury opposing Jupiter - a time of arrogance, daring, reckless and
exaggerated thinking.