Monday, September 05, 2011

The Sixth Day Dawns - Flowering of Consciousness and New Breakthroughs

So today's the day: Sept. 5th on a Labor Day Monday in the USA and wildly active everywhere else, the 6th Day and 11th Heaven begins. This 18 day period of Flowering ruled by the Goddess of Flowers and Birth, Xochiquetzal or Yohualticitl lasts till Sept. 22nd. right before the Equinox. So it has not been disappointing as new discoveries and wild synchronicity abounds. What a change we have moved from Tezcatlipoca God of the Smoking Mirror and night winds to Xochiquetzal a goddess associated with concepts of birth, fertility, beauty, and female sexual power. Much more feminine on the surface since she was known as protector of young mothers and a patroness of pregnancy, childbirth. But wait a minute digging deeper we find that she like Persephone, was kidnapped and taken from her husband, Tlaloc. to the underworld by Tezcatlipoca a lord of the underworld.

One of the subtle forms of resonance which of course marks this waxing phase is that the asteroid Persephone is conjunct Mars now transiting @ 23 Cancer. It seems fitting that Xochiquetzal who relates to human desires and pleasure echoes the myth of Persephone who is traveling with a Martian force that reinforces the desire for mothering, romance and protection. The Sabian symbol for Mars @ 22 Cancer is "A woman awaiting a sail boat." This image relates to how we shape reality with our own visions and imaginations. Are we able to use a type of magic visualization in a proactive manner or will we just wait passively for whatever comes upon the sea of consciousness? During this Day Period, imagination will surely not be passive especially with the upcoming Mercury Opposition to Neptune on Sept. 8th then the movie like Pisces Full Moon on Sept. 12 - life and art will imitate in grand ways. A flowering so to speak? Day periods favor creativity which includes discoveries or awareness points or notable observations. Just a preview here is one of the latest eureka studies we find that a Scientists have Discovered a Microbe that can Remove Radioactive Contamination. More accurately, the scientists have observed that hair-like filaments called pili enable some bacteria to remove uranium from contaminated groundwater. It gets even more interesting when lab conditions show that pili on G. sulfurreducens are a type of 'nanowire', because they conduct electricity. The 9th wave started on March 11th with a crisis centered around humanity dealing with bi-product of nuclear power radiation with the the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster . Now as we head toward the finish of the Unity Wave practical Virgo-Nano type solutions are being presented. As we head full bore toward the end of the this phase of the calendar on Oct. 28th. each day becomes more important than the last in upgrading our own consciousness while our living, breathing planet/GAIA is ascending. Earth changes from quakes to volcanoes seemingly increased exponentially. This morning, a 6.6 magnitude quake struck NW of Lake Toba super-volcano caldera. When this quake hit at 12:55:13 AM at epicenter LMT S Node was rising with the Gemini Ascendant opposing the Moon in Sagittarius and yes in orb of an opposition to Pluto/ Mercury ruler of the chart is applying to an opposition with Neptune (king of quakes as Poseidon) Venus near the IC in mutable earth sign Virgo is closely TSQ the Moon's Nodes all at the angles catalyzing the effect . This is 7th major earthquake to strike the globe in the first five days of the month of September. While I was updating this blog, a small (Magnitude 2.8) quake but possibly a precursor to something larger struck near Carlsborg, Washington and the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. Yes the Strait of San Juan de Fuca is part of the Cascadian Subduction Zone but that doesn't mean a mega quake will strike anytime soon. This tremor occurred right after another small 2. 5 hit near Richland, WA

Also in terms of natural disasters High Winds Whip Up Texas Wildfires Below we see the ubiquitous longhorn cows grazing while the conflagrations burn across severe drought stricken Texas even in the Austin area. Jupiter is now retrograde in Taurus the sign of the Bull with a fixed TSQ to Astraea (Leo) and Vesta (Aquarius)
progenitors of subtle and not so subtle changes
Another Mercury in fiery Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius (from the sea and with high winds) fires were propelled partly by the high winds brought by Tropical Storm Lee. A late-summer cool front brought winds of 30 to 40 mph to the region, which is already gripped by one of the worst droughts in history.

Back to Xochiquetzal who was one of the few Aztec female earth deities connected to agriculture who is always shown as an attractive and youthful woman. Myths say that she was followed by an entourage consisting of birds and butterflies. Her worshippers wore animal and flower masks at a festival, held in her honor every eight years. She was the patroness of weavers, sculptors and embroiders. Quail and incense were often offered to this god and depending on the devotion fasting of from 20 - 80 days was common. She is the Goddess of flowers and also romantic love (relating to Mercury in Leo) depicted with flowers in her head-dress and as a young married woman with a wrap around skirt and a Quechquimitl, or highly decorated type of poncho. Xochiquetzal's flower was the marigold. Today in early November Mexico celebrates the day of the dead, or "All Souls", in which the ground is strewn with marigolds. More to follow on the awakenings and births being generated during this Sixth Day/11th Heaven. Also the connection with previous 11th and odd numbered heavens and corresponding to 829 AD to 1223 AD during the National Underworld. This was also a time when the Vikings began their raids both West and East.