Monday, September 12, 2011

A Strange Pisces Full Moon Brings Us to the Mid-Point of the Sixth Day


This Pisces Moon, Full at 2:57 AM PDT seemed to have a long fuse into the evening
with the moon changing sign into explosive Aries @ 11:49 PM.
The picture of the Moon above was photographed at 11:21 PM PDT on 9-12-11.
On the West Coast Mars was leading the way on the Ascendant at 26 degrees Cancer
Yes this morning we had a Pisces Full Moon near Ceres adds mixes mystery with emotional turmoil. The Moon was Opposite Sun exactly @ 2:27 AM and the Goddess of
the Sixth Day. How could we forget that Xochiquetzal the Goddess of flowers and romantic love has another persona as a young married woman with a wrap around skirt and a Quechquimitl, a decorative type of poncho.

Ceres and the moon in Pisces are part of a Grand Water Trine involving Mars now void of course in defensive Cancer with a wide trine to the asteroid of health Hygeia. Add these frequencies to the massive flooding world wide we have some new issues around the oceans, health and disease. Actually we have a grand trine within a Kite...A Kite is comprised of Grand Trine (Ceres-Mars-Hygeia) with one of the planets in this case the asteroid Ceres making an opposition to the fourth planet being Venus which makes sextile aspects two others (Ceres and Hygeia) of the Grand Trine.

This Pisces Full Moon marks a time of major environmentally both conscious and unconscious decisions and judgments. We are at the cross roads of severe turning points motivated by crisis and seemingly elemental chaos. Speaking of the elements
in the West Coast chart set for San Francisco, all the angles are cardinal with Aries
at Mid-Heaven near tomorrow's transits.

A quick look at the fixed stars for both SF. and DC. (more details in a later report
Alphard, an orange star in the neck of the Hydra is rising in both charts.
Per Robson, Alphard rising can bring lots of trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building. He goes on to say addiction to women and intemperance
goes with the territory.

In the SF Chart Mercury is Culminating when Alphard is Culminating secs -
Secrets are continually being revealed, along with vitriolic outburst
In the SF. Chart Alphard is rising with Mercury
The revelation or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue...

Since it is still within orb of the 9/11 Anniversary Nausea and Advertising Gimmick
lets talk about more secrets being let out of the CIA's bag.
This interview with Richard Clarke is being released with the dirt on George Tenet Cofer Black, and Rich Blee...maybe this is all disinformation ala Neptune and Pisces. Or is it Pluto not stationing ready for a square with Venus (changes signs into the scales on Sept. 14thh)

Today has been strange and mysterious on many levels from inside and outside the earth. Quakes have been active up and down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver Island to Baja California but it isn't just the left coast. A strange new swarm of "fracking quakes" in Western Texas near Snyder to the West Coast of Columbia hitting
in more frequent intervals. Check the USGS and refresh.
Yes and even above the earth's atmosphere where gamma-rays collide.
Fermi's latest gamma-ray census highlights cosmic mysteries
A story of how the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope scans the entire sky to create a portrait (artistic-Piscean?) Also the fact that "more than half of these sources are active galaxies, whose massive black holes are responsible for the gamma-ray" emissions...

Then those really weird growling sounds in West Virginia
Heavy, odd, constant rumbling that seems to eminate from the sky itself. This "growling" noise began at approx. 3:00am, Monday September, 12th, 2011.

Even stranger looking ahead to Sept. 13th. when details (virgo) about the humming/rumbling noises in Windsor will be released.
Overnight Thread: Details soon to be released on the “Windsor Rumble
Stay tuned...