Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Day Six Starts with Major X Class Solar Activity


It is only the 2nd day into the 11th Heaven of the Universal Underworld and solar
flares are producing waves of ionization in Earth's upper atmosphere.
It looks like the 11th Heaven/Sixth Day ruled by Xochiquetzal the goddess of Flowering and Birth won't disappoint us. The last Solar Flare occurred at the Mid-Point of the 5th Day (August 9th) a time of Budding and ruled by Quetzalcoatl, the "feathered serpent". Tracking back to the start of the 9th Wave on March 9, 2011 right before the Great East Japan Earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku on March 11th. An X1.5-class explosion from behemoth sunspot 1166 erupted at 2323 UT.

Today with Galactic Tone 13 and the day sign for the Star or LAMAT is all about multiplication and abundance on many levels:
Sunspot 1283 is crackling with solar flares. Yesterday, Sept. 6th, the active region produced an M5.3-class eruption at 0150 UT followed by a X2.1-class event at 2220 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded this extreme UV flash from the X-flare:

We should expect on the very least disruptions of low-frequency radio signals around our planet. Yes this X2.1-class flare can possibly trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting geo-magnetic storms... When the solar explosion occurred @2220 UT, Gemini was rising @ 24 degrees (Children skating on thin ice) with the S Node of past events Mercury ruler of the chart in Leo is almost exactly opposing Neptune (Sept. 8th) The Saturn ruled Capricorn Moon is also in a catalyzing TSQ to both Saturn and Mars and Venus now in Virgo was in an almost exact TSQ with the Moon's Nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini.
The chart below is set for 22:20 UT at Greenwhich, UK.

The two eruptions hurled clouds of plasma (CMEs) in our general direction. A preliminary analysis of SOHO and STEREO imagery suggests that the CMEs could sail substantially north of Earth, delivering a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field as they pass. ETA: Sept. 8-10.

Expect Sept. 8th. to be rather dynamic with the Moon in a Waxing Gibbous Phase and continuing in electric Aquarius. Mercury in Solar Leo will oppose Neptune @ 8:27 AM PDT in fixed signs. After the Moon squares Jupiter now retrograde in Taurus, Mercury will changes signs into earthy Virgo to both oppose Neptune and Chiron (now in Pisces) We should expect some major shake ups and downs geo-politically and geo-magnetically.