Friday, September 09, 2011

The Sixth Day Continues to Rock with a Wild Aquarian Moon


So far the 11th Heaven/Sixth Day ruled by Xochiquetzal, the Goddess of the Flowering Earth" has continued to exceed expectations above and below the firmament. Today's Aquarian Moon starting @ 2:42 AM seem to pickup quicksilver speed along with weaving a kind of magical chaos. This has been a day of extremes with grand trines in water (Mars-Ceres-Hygeia) and earth along with major flooding in the North East from 9 to 12 inches of rain.
in Pennyslvania and the Catskills. Below is a video of the washing through dorms at SUNY Cobleskill, NY

Let's not forget that Tlaloc, the rain God was first married to Xochiquetzal, our current goddess of flowers, before Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror kidnapped her.

Wow! the Sun has awakened big time with the second X-Class Flare in two days, all aligned with the Sixth Day of the Unity Wave.
This X1.8 class event at 22:38 UT on Sept. 7th was synchronized with both the 3rd. Mercury (Leo) opposition to Neptune(Aquarius) and the Grand Water Trine with a Mystic Rectangle including Venus(Virgo)Moon (Capricorn)-Ceres(Pisces) and Mars (Cancer). These two oppositions are waiting to resolve themselves or just plain vent. Below is a chart set for 22:38 UT on Sept. 7th in Greenwhich, UK where Gemini is rising @ 29 degrees.
Chart ruler Mercury is at the powerful IC directly opposing Neptune on the MC.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves but there does seem like a correlation to the X2-Class flare that launched from the sun on September 6th and a massive blackout this afternoon
The bottom line was that more than 1.5 million were in the dark in California, Arizona, Mexico.
Power went out about 3:45 p.m. in San Diego when
Here is a list of the X-Class Flares for Solar Cycle 24 - all in 2011:
Feb. 15 (X2), March 9 (X1), Aug. 9 (X7), Sept. 6 (X2), Sept. 7 (X2).
Right before the Aug. 9th X7 Class event, Mercury was also opposing Neptune in Fixed Signs on Aug. 8th @ 7:27 AM PDT. Both days marked the Mid-Point and strongest part of of the 5th Day ruled by Quetzalcoatl
Before these five, the previous X-flare occurred on Dec.14, 2006, (X1) during old Solar Cycle 23.
From Space Weather: Sunspot 1283 is producing flares so intense they are visible through solar telescopes in backyards 93 million miles away.
Amateur astronomer Andy Devey photographed today's M6-class eruption, from Barnsley UK on Sept. 8th and here is a link to a movie of the eruption.

Back to the ruler of this heaven and shocking 6th day aka
"Precious Feather Flower-Goddess of Song, Dance, and Sexual Pleasure. " She was the patron of prostitutes and Goddess of Artistry and Delight. In Duality she was also Macuilxochitl, a male representation. More succinctly Evan Rachel Wood (born Sept. 7, 1987) who has an assertive and erotically charming Mars-Sun-Venus conjunction in Virgo TSQ Saturn (Sagittarius) and Moon in Pisces. The Saturn square makes her seem older than her years. After all she did play Sophie-Anne Leclerq was the 500 year old Vampire Queen of Louisiana in the True Blood series season three.

When we dig deeper and look at Xochiquetzal we encounter, the ruler of the previous day, Quetzalcoatl. In Aztec legend he is mentioned as being the son of Miclantecutli, Lord of the Place of the Dead. A bizarre legend concerning Quetzalcoatl relates a story of him washing his hands and then touched his penis causing semen to drop on a rock. From the union of the semen and the rock, a bat grew - a bat who other gods sent to bite the flower goddess Xochiquetzal. This bat bit off a piece of her vagina while she was sleeping and took it to the gods.
In a seemingly convoluted manner, the story goes on to say the water that was spilled which washed her portion of flesh brought forth flowers that smelled exceedingly rank. Then this same bat took the flesh to Mictlantecuhtli where he washed the piece of vagina and the water that he used brought forth the opposite a sweet scent smelling flowers the Indians called xochitrls.
More mysteries will be revealed by the end of this day.