Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frequencies Increase with the Autumnal Equinox and the 6th Night


We ask how could it get anymore intense and dramatic, my reply just wait and see as the Autumnal
Equinox begins on Friday September 23rd. on the same day that the dreaded Sixth Night arrives.
I mentioned yesterday that Xochiquetzal, the Aztec goddess of flowering and fertility
passes the baton on September 23rd. to a more mean-spirited diety Tlahuizcalpantecutli
who is known to attack his faithful. Here is what we know, on the day that this malefic yet highly transformative diety takes over, the real balancing begins with the ingress of the Libra Sun...

Here are some quick updates from September 22nd before my next reports adding more detailed focus on the Sixth Night and the Libra New Moon (Sept. 27th-28th). A time for justice, upheavals and turn arounds.

We are All Troy Davis
Sept. 22, 2011: Even after a dramatic last minute reprieve, the State of Georgia executed an innocent man @ 11:08 PM EDT. Troy Davis (born Oct. 9, 1968) died when transiting Moon in Cancer was almost exactly square Saturn @ 17 Libra crossing Troys natal Libra Sun
the shock was even greater with transiting Uranus in Aries opposed his natal Uranus in Libra (innate demand for freedom/justice.)
This execution is a dark day in American history but could be the turning point to eliminate capital punishment in the United States of America.

Apocalypse Now? Markets Tumble as Europe Approaches “Tipping Point”
Sept. 22, 2011: The buying slowed big time around the Mercury-Neptune opposition when Mercury made an ingress into Virgo, a sign of worry
Jupiter also stationed retrograde on August 30th. in Taurus (a fixed concerned with security and value).
Why the insiders have quit buying stocks
Unexpected turnabout
The buying slowed in late August, when the market rallied and shares became more expensive. You’d expect that. But around Sept. 7 the rate collapsed — even though share prices

Diplomats Walk Out As Ahmadinejad Addresses U.N. General Assembly
Sept. 22, 2011: Highly controversial Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad(born Oct. 28, 1956) adds fuel to the fire over Palestinian statehood
Ahmadinejad's natal Sun-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio square Chiron in Aquarius usually means outrageous and shocking speeches
and today will be no exception with a transiting TSQ from Mars in dramatic Leo and Jupiter in stubborn Taurus.

Finally to set the stage for the September 23rd advent of the Sixth Day and Autumnal Equinox
Another Major X-Class Flare Detected
Updated Sept. 22, 2011: Solar activity will continue to be high and we should expect even more X-Class Flares as new sunspots develop
Astrologicaly Mars is now transiting in solar-explosive Leo till Nov. 10th
and will be in an exact square with Jupiter (expansion) now in Taurus on Oct. 2nd.

Earth-orbiting satellites have detected a long-duration X1.4-class solar flare coming from a new sunspot on the sun's eastern limb. The blast, which peaked at 1100 UT, produced a significant coronal mass ejection (CME. ...the trajectory of the CME and concluded that the body of the cloud will not hit Earth. A minor glancing encounter with the outskirts of the CME is, however, possible on Sept. 25th

Stay tuned - lots more excitement and drama to come...