Friday, September 23, 2011

Part Two: The Equinox Portal of Rebalancing, the Sixth Night and Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli


We are finally here when evolution leaps and bounds toward the end of the 9th Wave...
The Equinox this Friday Sept. 23rd. takes all the juicy energies of Xochiquezal – goddess of female sexuality, prostitutes, pleasure over to the 6th Night. So here he comes in all his glory
and activating energies - Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli takes the reins starting on Sept. 23rd and taking us to Oct. 10th and the final stage: Day Seven. During the 6th Night and 12th heaven
we enter a phase of major re-balancing on all levels from financial to tectonic to basic mental

In previous reports, I referred Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli in more malevolent tones - not a totally correct expletive since he is more of an activator than a destroy. Besides being the Lord of the Dawn was considered an incarnation of Quetzalcoatl. Aztec myths tell how Quetzacoatl, allowed himself to be seduced by Tezcatlipoca, but through remorse threw himself onto a funeral pyre. Then after his death, his heart became the morning-star identified with the god Tlahuizcalpantecutli. He was also known as ('lord in the house of twilight' Aztec Gods and Goddess have many incarnations along with multi-dimensional lives which is were we as humanity are headed.

12th Heaven and Mongol Storm
Regarding the 12th Heaven which last began in 1223 AD during the National World,
was the time of the Mongol Storm that arrived in E. Europe after conquering all of Asia and China. These hordes continued their expansion till they arrived at the planetary midline or world tree @ 12 degrees E. So here we are in the last even numbered heaven ruled by sometimes ruthless Tlahuizcalpantecutli. The difference is that we are in the final Unity Wave
and anything akin to the Mongol hordes will pass quickly. Let's go back to the day cycle
and notice that the first Day of the Fall Equinox is related to the Serpent Chicchan
who embodies fluid, flexible movement until backed in a corner turns on his tormentors.

North node transiting in Sagittarius in a movement toward the stars will trine Mars in speedy Leo and everything will move 20x faster including discoveries.
Roll over Einstein: Law of physics challenged

GENEVA (AP) -- One of the very pillars of physics and Einstein's theory of relativity - that nothing can go faster than the speed of light - was rocked Thursday by new findings from one of the world's foremost laboratories...

In her Equinox Report Barbara Hand Clow speaks of the culmination of the Universal Underworld as the end of this obsession with sin and atonement. After the September 12th Full Moon in sacrificial Pisces, I would have to agree that is where we are headed.
But first we need to make this evolutionary leap and run the gauntlet. Well today is
first day of the dreaded Sixth Night also

One thing is for sure there is a lot of drama expanding with Mars in Leo square Jupiter
and today's Equinox set for Denver, CO has Leo rising.
Once Again: Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise to hold at Denver today, September 23, 2011
Look at the chart below and see that the apex and ascendant is in Critical 15 degrees Leo
For mundane, 15 degrees of Leo is one of the worst degrees in the zodiac. Either natally or in prediction. It is prominent in the charts of serial killers, criminals, serving life sentences, hard luck, etc. On a much more positive note their is a Yod or Finger of God aspect with Mars sextile the Sun in Libra both in a Quincunx/Adjustment to the focal point: Chiron the Wounded Healer and Maverick Mentor in early Pises - expect an event in the oceans too. Potentially a Tsunami or something much more oriented to flames - A Volcano but where?
Also note that Jupiter at 9 degrees 24 minutes of Taurus is at MidHeaven, - With fixed signs 9 or 21 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all critical degrees but with a tendency to misfortune.
and part of a Grand Fire Trine including N Node in Sagittarius @ 17 degrees and finally Uranus
@ 2 degrees retro. Uranus the shocker is also in the massive TSQ with Pluto in Cap. and then opposes in an explosive manner meddling in mayhem first the Sun then Mercury from Sept. 25th
to Sept. 26th.

Fixed stars over Denver for the Equinox include Alphard rising bringing trouble to say the least look below in the chart for SF.
Also Alcyone is rising with Mars - he critic, the commentator on social ills
Yes the great Alcyone, "The Central One" or central, primary star and also the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. Traditionally Alcyone with Mars expect accidents to the head, loss and suffering through fires. The current transit in Mars will mean fires across the southwest which will be hot, horrible but won't last as long as some.

It gets even stranger with all these coincidences and obvious warnings about the dates
of Sept. 23rd thru Sept. 28th
The occultist dream ala NWO Masonic Minions

The United States Congress is on vacation from September 25th through October 2nd, 2011

The United Nations has an empty schedule from September 23rd through October 10th, 2011.

Pope Benedict will be in Germany from September 22nd-25th, but it is unclear where he will be on September 26-27th.

The UK Parliament is in recess from September 15th through October 10th, 2011.

Germany’s President’s schedule is empty after September 25, 2011.

The Australian Parliament will not be sitting on those days as well.

This has everything to do with Elenin?

Alignment Mercury – Sun – Elenin on September 25

Alignment Sun – Elenin – Earth on September 26-27

Back to Denver where 83 government agencies now swarming around Denver, Colorado

For a change of pace let's look West at the Equinox chart for San Francisco @ 2:05 AM PDT
Heliacal Rising star is Alphard orange star in the neck of the Watersnake or constellation the Hydra. This is about risk and leading a life close to the edge, or to seek intense emotional encounters. Robson lays it out if Alphard is rising: He says it is a symbol of direness, trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building; It also relates to being addicted.

Helical Setting star is Markab
To stand firm for your beliefs and principles

Some of the events which mark the acceleration of this phase.
Operation Mountain Guardian Exercise
We already discussed..

NASA satellite breaks up in plunge to Earth

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - A six-tones NASA science satellite plunged through the atmosphere early on Saturday, breaking up and possibly scattering debris in Canada, NASA said.
Even more confusing and overly dramatic as the Sun-Mercury continue in an irrational TSQ to Uranus and Pluto - Scientists were unable to pinpoint the exact time and place where UARS would return to Earth due to the satellite's unpredictable tumbles as it plowed through the upper atmosphere. Re-entry was believed to have occurred between 11:45 p.m. EDT on Friday and 12:45 a.m. EDT on Saturday.

Perhaps most important to underscore the Unity Wave
Abbas stakes Palestinian claim to state at U.N.
Karmic balancing for sure - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked the United Nations on Friday to recognize a state for his people, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the world body as a "theater of the absurd" and said only direct talks could deliver peace. (It no longer matters what Benjamin Netanyahu says, the glove has been thrown down.
Per brave Abbas: "I do not believe that anyone with a shred of conscience can reject our application ... and our admission as an independent state, "

Before my next report more on the Sixth Night