Saturday, February 20, 2010

Religion, God Particles and NWO - The ‘THE APOTHEOSIS IS AT HAND’

Signs of the divine and your own path of redemption.

Since the 18th of February when the Sun entered Pisces. events and energies have quickened. Words of the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, stargates, LHC and Messiahs are starting to enter common language. Before we head deep into this multi-dimendional journey, let's look at the common definition of Apotheosis. The Apotheosis comes from the Greek, apotheoun "to deify", later the Italian gióvino, "to be made divine" ), refers to the exaltation of a subject to divine level. From Chaos to the search for the God Particle (CERN)a dimensional shift has occurred along with wormholes and messiahs.
William Henry in this article ponders the true and the false regarding a major NWO takeover including whether Obama is the false messiah. Henry maintains that until Obama talks of the unveiling of the ark, taking up the staff of righteousness, annointing oil and manna we won't have a second coming or APOTHEOSIS. Could Rahm Emmanual be the staff (Chief of Staff)of righteous - see this article from 2008.

As we approach the next Full Moon on Feb. 28th, Neptune aka Poseidon, the ruler of Pisces is assuming more power. Yes known as the planet of dissolution and dreams where the victim and savior switch places. Let those scandalous times roll... Pisces reflects events thru a fishbowl and lots of refraction helped by Solar Plasma Plumes. Things are all too real in effect yet associated with the realms of fantasy. Now that the faster moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Jupiter will translate the powerful light of the renovating and revolutionary Saturn-Uranus opposition (next exact April 26th). Once we get thru the mutable forces of duplicity when Aries starts the ball rolling in early June, fire and action hits the center ring.

Here we go and since we harken back to December 2009 a time of predictions, prophecies when that other Jupiter ruled sign, Sagittarius was moving forward with foreign, daring and explosive happenings like on Dec. 26th when Mercury stationed retrograde and the underwear bomber helped
"In theology the term apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual, group, or locale has been raised to godlike stature. This influx of Piscean energies with the benefics moves so quickly and tourches lives of the infamous and incomprehensible. From the Austin False Flag attack where Mars played such a crucial role to short but historic meeting between the Dali Lama and Obama, More than anything the battle for our souls was being played out in much more blatant where manipulations, vulnerabilities were pushing the edges and foundations of collapse.
William Henry wrote an article: WARNING: ‘THE APOTHEOSIS IS AT HAND’, WORLD GOVERNMENT IS HER back in December 2009 during the time of the COP 15 right after the Norway Spiral. The title was a reference to something the insider and proponent of climate gate uttered.

“Now the apotheosis is at hand. They are about to impose a communist world government on the world.”
- Lord Christopher Monckton, October 16, 2009

The Apotheosis Is At Hand (p.1/6) William Henry |

Now that you heard William back in December 2009, let's look ahead.
Remember after the Norway Spiral around Dec. 13th. towards the Sagittarius New Moon and the release of Avatar? This lunation happened near the final Neptune-Jupiter conjunction and that time period I said: This Sag. New Moon is a portal to next years incredible milieu of the fantastical and sudden change with Jupiter entering Pisces to conjunct Uranus. Just as the internet transformed social media with Jupiter-Neptune together expect video and movies to combine with the paranormal. So here comes the : Moon of Mystery with Virgo Full on February 28, 2010 Leap Year @ 11:38 AM EST when Gemini is rising in DC and ruler Mercury is near the top of the chart closely separating grom Chiron and Neptune. Mercury-Neptune in Aquarius is about searching for a vision of a more perfect world but hampered by illusions, nebulous thinking and those shadow-type wounds and soul retrievals.
Taking a closer look below we see Astraea-Jupiter-Sun-Moon-Venus and the electric trickster Uranus in the public but sensationalized executive house.