Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Jupiter-Pluto and the Giant Squid Invasion

Since Jupiter made an entrance into the most ocean oriented sign of Pisces on January 17th, all things relating to Neptune and Pisces have increased including the predominance of "fish" stories. Jupiter is gathering steam for a meeting with Uranus coming close together by the end of may but not exact till they are both in Aries on June. 8th.
So Jupiter is in Pisces coming close to a sexitle with Pluto (darkness). Just wait you will get sick of "paranormal" TV shows, ghost stories, Cryptozoological sightings and other fantastic creatures mostly from the sea. We even see the gruesome tales like the Punalu'u Whale Carcass floating in Hawaii but what is even more Piscean is that Native Hawaiians came by and performed a ceremony - a spiritual gesture of reverence.
Excess, magnification, the Biggest of the Baddest that describes Jupiter and this recent account dealing with the oceans of California and how:
Giant squids have invaded California
Shoals of giant squid are invading the Californian coast, providing rich pickings for fishermen. Actually the Giant Squid are not just in Newport Beach, California where this dude caught a 60 lb. monster. They have been recently spotted off San Diego, Oregon and Washington, on the West Coast of the United States.

According to the video below from KQED, these mysterious sea creatures aka. Giant Humboldt Squid
Calamar Gigante or Rojo Diablo
usually are 7 feet long, with 10 arms, a sharp beak and a ravenous appetite. In September September a record-breaking 19ft-long squid, weighing 103 pounds, was caught off the Gulf of Mexico.

The Fierce Humboldt Squid

Pluto gets in the act when we realize that they live in depths of 600 to 3000ft. Their natural range is the warmer equitorial waters. They first appeared in the 1930's and went away then again 1997 with el Nino (when Jupiter-Aquarius was in a Sextile to Pluto-Sagittarius and suddenly disappeared. Then in 2002 they returned in the millions with a range to They live in depths of 600 to 3000 ft. below the surface.

I am touching briefly on the Jupiter-Pluto conjunct which is exact on February 6, 2010
I will examine this event in depth in a latter blog. I have set the chart below for 9:41 AM PST in Fortuna California when Jupiter @ 4 degrees 31 Pisces is in an exact sextile with Pluto @ 4 degrees 31 minutes Capricorn.
This appears to be an auspicious time for something big to happen whether a repeat of the Jan. 9th series of quakes, volcanic eruptions or a decidely awesome sea event.
At the time of this conjunction (9:41 AM), the Moon has just turned VOC and is pregnant with energetic tones in Scorpio and won't enter Sagittarius till 4:03 PM. This chart with Aries rising and Juno-Mercury-S Node all in a potent cardinal TSQ just like Vesta-Moon-Neptune-Chiron in an out of sign TSQ.