Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meteor Crash in Mexico and Gulf of Aden Stargate

The march to the next New Moon on February 13th has been filled with conflagration and strange happenings from heaven to earth .
It was only a week ago that a fireball was reported crashing in Ireland and then today on February 10th a meteorite is reported falling between Puebla and Hidalgo. This rock from space not only allegedly caused caused a bridge to cave in but a hole around 30 meters wide. Here is a link which claims the indident occured between 3:30 to 6:30 PM CST. The conflicting reports bring up more Neptunian confusion, a little like the Middletown explosion on Super Bowl Sunday. The Chart below is set for 3:30 PM CST when the first reports came. "The preliminary version of the Police Huauchinango is talk that the impact occurred at 15:30 hours, no injuries despite the cave-a bridge and a crater about 30 meters."
So here we have Cancer rising with he ruler - the Moon in the opposite sign of Capricorn near the N Node (fated incident) in the 7th house of open enemies. Mars the fiery trigger is in Leo in the first house and in opposition to Mercury recently arrived in Aquarius for some sparks. There is so much on edge now with a Yod developing between Pluto-Jupiter (both sextile) and point to Mars in a Quincunx pattern. The Finger of God is raised and targeting Mars now retrograde (to examine our aggressive tendencies)

To recap we have had two major meteor crashes, a deadly explosioin at an energy plant in CT, two horrible avalanches and a Snowapocalypse from DC to Pennsyvania...
So if there weren't enough anamolous incidents, we have rumors (Neptune) of a Stargate opening in the Gulf of Aden has a few wondering as to what lies ahead. The Yemen rumor may have begun from this transmission: Galactic Federation Of Light KOS January 0 2010which is predicting peace to break out due an awesome ET intervention to immediately end all war and battles.

Then to put add snow to the blizzard, we have the Project Camelot interviews Aaron McCollum: McCollum is a third generation member of Project Talent, the MKUltra program used to develop psychic warriors and supersoldiers by the secret government. He goes on to talk about an impending False Flag event and his work in another "Seagate" in Puerto Rico