Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mystical Channelings for this Full Moon in Virgo February 28, 2010

We are quickly heading toward perhaps the most "mystical and psychic" yet divisive Full Moon of the year filled with both spiritual and hallucinatory portents. Merriam-Webster offers this definition of mystical = involving or having the nature of an individual's direct subjective communion with God or ultimate reality or the mystical experience of the Inner Light. This might even sound like a magic mushroom trip and with the rumors and hoaxes multiplying by the hour it could be...From Benjamin Fulford to Sorcha Faal the stories will be woven in grandiose fashion (Jupiter-Sun in Pisces)with a lot of emphasis on religion and miracles.

Thus on February 28, 2010 @ 8:38 AM PST or 11:38 AM EST the Sun @ 9 degrees 58 minutes Pisces is separating from a conjunction with Jupiter also in Pisces - Jupiter in Pisces is known as the spiritual adviser who is willing to make sacrifices along with teaching redemption. The Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Pisces = "An aviator in the clouds" or a more modern version dealing with the new surveillance society that has formed since Dec. 25th 2009 when the false flag incident involving the "underwear bomber" accelerated the control grid. "The queen's cat scouts around the rooftops of the palace. Through a window far below it sees a mouse stealing some cheese. " Both these Sabian versions are about a duplicitious situation where we are able to look via psychic flashes from above into hidden meaning of what appears to be surface events.

From a purely physical side this coming moon is living up to the Native American moniker: The Full Snow Moon (nasty storm in the Northeast US and Europe) and it might become the Full Hunger Moon, due to these severe weather conditions.

Looking at the chart below set for 11:38 AM EST in DC, we see the Moon @ 9 degrees 58 minutes or 10 degrees Virgo in the 4th house with this Sabian: "Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows." This alone is the perfect symbol for an instance of deliberate deceptiveness or should we say double-dealing. We should all be aware that at this lunation there can be some big errors in judgement as we look across the wheel at the Piscean Stellium holding court in the 10th house of the executive branch: Astrea-Jupiter-Sun-Venus and Uranus. So all these mutable planets in the sign of the victim/savior are positioned in the house which rules the government, the leadership or ruling class. In a nation's chart it rules the national reputation and prestige, world opinion, the party in power, the chief executive, and the nations influence in the world Efforts to deify our current president Obama will be attempted against the tide of revolutionary undercurrents and frustration with Mercury-Neptune-Chiron all in Aquarius opposing Vesta in Leo near the IC. Remember that the 4th house and IC symbolize forms of nationalism and patriotism, it is the folk-soul of the nation. The fourth house also rules underground water supplies, and indicates the weather conditions. It signifies the people versus the government, and signifies the party not in power. This is a lunation where the tea party continues to make rumblings.

What we really need to get about this Full Moon is for some it means that we are in the midst of tribulation and for others a giant step toward ascension. It all depends on our point of view both inner and outer. Knowing that we are transitioning daily into the Aquarian Age while accelerating forces are taking us to the middle of the Mayan Galactic Sixth Night, certain elements must be fulfilled. Regarding the end of the Piscean Age when the 12th house lets go of secrets and darkness to embrace the healing waters of the 11th house. In order for this to occur the previously hidden knowledge of Chirst and Mary Magdalene's divine union and legacy must come to light. I suggest that we all watch a documentary that is much more real and gritty than Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.
Blood Line the Movie Part 1 in an effort to reveal truth.