Friday, February 05, 2010

"Snowmageddon" 2010 Like Katrina 2005?

February 5, 2010: It is all about the weather in our nation's capital where the Blizzard of 2010 is creating hysteria (Neptune ruled Jupiter in Pisces). Unquestionably this is a monster storm heading up the Atlantic seaboard and threatening to paralyze D.C.Saturn astrologically relates to Snow and in this case lots of hit with a square to Pluto. So Saturn has just passed over the IC
or home zero @ 3:20 PM EST.
The volatile weather will augment and increase with Mercury in colder Capricorn in an opposition to S Node

And issues involving food & security are on everybody's minds with Saturn in a close square to Pluto (the destroyer).
Chart Below for 12;41 PM EST when it will be at the worst:

Washington Gears Up for Big Storm

Yes appears that Washington, DC is ground zero for this KATRINA KAHUNA
A chart set for the exact Pluto-Jupiter sextile tomorrow Feb. 6th @ 12:41 PM EST has Venus-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius all near the MidHeaven for DC
and Saturn (snow) co-ruler of Aquarius will be speeding toward the IC or home base by 3:16 PM EST when the fury of this monster will be at it's height!
This monster is now in contention to break a record for the D.C. region, set in 1922 when a blizzard blew in from the Atlantic and crippled the city with a whopping 71 centimetres of snow.
Map of Ground Zero marked in red for Mars Retro in Leo..

News from DC today : "Rush hour set in hours earlier than usual as the snow began to fall at about 1 p.m. The city's famous Beltway freeway and other roadways leading out of town were jammed with vehicles as people left work early."

"Katrina-like event" for the Mid-Atlantic

Update: 10:45 PM FRIDAY 2.5.2010 Blizzard Warnings are now in effect until 10 PM Saturday for large portions of the Baltimore and Washington metro areas, much of Delaware and southern New Jersey. This one storm will have such far-reaching impact on so many people across such a large area this may become a "Katrina-like event" for the Mid-Atlantic. Is that an outlandish or unfair comparsion to Gulf coast residents still recovering 5 years later? Perhaps, but take a moment to read our reporting from August 2005 before you render judgment.

Comparisons to Katrina Might be justified.
Chart Below set for Aug. 29, 2005 when Katrina made landfall @ 6:10 AM in Buras, Louisiana
Both events are in the crisis-oriented 3rd Qtr. Moon phase with some serious TSQ involving Mercury-Neptune-Nodes with Mars playing a prominent role as ruler of the Scorpio Moon for tomorrow's event.
Katrina had Mars direct in Taurus in a Grand Cross with Mercury (the weather planet) in Leo to Neptune in Aquarius and Ceres in Scorpio. A Fixed Cross usually has a lingering and more diasastrous effect to weather events. Wtih tomorrow's configuration Sun in the most volatile sign Aquarius is opposing Hygeia (health) TSQ Pallas-Moon in Scorio. Of course the massive Aqurian stellium of Venus (moisture)Chiron (maverick) and Neptune are in a tight square to Moon in Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for 26 degrees Aquarius is a Hydrometer for tesing the density of water.