Sunday, December 13, 2009

Norwegian Spiral, Blue Beams, Blue Faces and Berlusconi Punched

Reving up toward the Sagittarius New Moon
I started this post last night and all my text. Uranus crossing my 3rd. house of communications in a disruptive aspect to the Sagittarian Sun didn't help
I will go into more detail about Wednesdays new moon in Sagittarius which hosts some powerful visionary and mystical aspects like Sun sextile Neptune. This lunation is a portal to next years incredible milieu of the fantastical and sudden change with Jupiter entering Pisces to conjunct Uranus. Just as the internet transformed social media with Jupiter-Neptune together expect video and movies to combine with the paranormal.

Balsamic Moon with Blue Beams, Blue Faces and Berlusconi Punched

When you spend 400 + million making a movie you hope to be a colossus you better use astrological timing for a successful opening. James Cameron's team definitely used the power of Mars in Leo (theatre-drama) sextile Moon in Libra (artistic) on December 10th.
"Avatar" wows early movie reviewers The big news was that early reviewers were calling it "jaw-dropping," "mind-blowing" and a game-changer in Hollywood for its digital effects.
Venus (artistic projects) is both square Uranus in Pisces (for some awesome digital effects) while Sun (visionary Sagittarius) is in a positive sextile to Neptune to capture the moviegoers imaginations.

Something is happening to with media and Hollywood (the place where the Celtic Holly Wood
becomes manifest)from Avatar to V on ABC a campaign is being waged to capture the
masses belief in Aliens. The mainstream media has been quoting surveys of how many people believe in Aliens,some say a whopping 90%. Networks like TNT or HBO are showing Independence Day or ET the "cute and fuzzy" Extra Terrestrial this month to get people primed for a Blue Beam project?
December 9th's event in Norway was highly suspicious to say the least
The Norwegian Spiral proves that reality is more fluid than we can imagine especially when the big guns are brought out to keep people confused.
1/11 Project Camelot Radio explores Norway Spiral, Blue Beam, UFO Disclosure and More - December 10, 2009

Then news from COP 15 with Sun square Uranus exact today @ 7:28 AM PST is about
disruption and sudden non cooperation. Poor Countries Walk Out on Climate Talks This is really not a surprise or unexpected but after
30,000 marched Saturday demanding action at the conference prompting about 1,000 arrests,
it is time to wake up to an intrinsic demand for justice worldwide which goes far deeper
than climate reparations.
Somehow this picture of a "blue-faced" climate demonstrator from Saturday when Moon was in Scorpio moving toward a highly assertive square to Mars in Leo connects us Blue Beam
and more.

Premier Silvio Berlusconi (born Sept. 29, 1936 @ 5:40 AM) has been under pressure transiting Saturn in Libra crossing his natal Sun in the sign of the scales.
Yesterday the scandalous premier faced the brunt of vengeance as Pallas in Scorpio moved over his natal Venus (ruling planet and appearance) while transiting Mercury in Capricorn opposed his natal Vesta-Hygeia in Cancer
all this occured while dramatic Mars in Leo stationing over his natal 11th house of collective-public opinion - The attack occurred after Berlusconi had just finished delivering a long, vigorous speech at the rally to a crowd of supporters from his Freedom People party at about 6:30 p.m.

Italian Premier Berlusconi punched in the face
Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi was punched in the face at the end of a rally on Sunday by a man holding a small statue in his hand, leaving the 73-year-old media mogul with a bloodied mouth and looking stunned, police said.

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