Thursday, February 18, 2010

Austin Plane Crash - Pure Chaos with Neptune and Mars

In astrology speak of injuries by violence, fires, furious behavior, anger, impulse burns, crashes we are describing the actions and consequences of Mars gone mad.
Aries ruled by Mars is rising in the chart above is set for 9:55 AM CST when Joe Stack " plowed into the side of the hulking, seven-story, black-glass building just before 10 a.m." According to reports, he hit with a thunderous explosion that instantly stirred memories of Sept. 11"
This particular plane attack took place
Juno @ 27 degrees Aries is rising with Moon in the 12th which shows how Joe, the assailant was acting alone?
his AP article: (Man angry at IRS crashes plane into building) made sure that we thought about 9/11 and with S Node in Cancer (memories of the past right at the IC)seems to be the spin trying to peg him with domestic terrorism.
He was definitely angry and disturbed with Mars Void of Course in the astrological house (4th) representing ground zero. With Mercury moving toward a conjunction with Neptune in shocking aquarius(exact 2-27-10 right before the Full Moon) we have seemingly well timed suicide note as evidence. In the 7th house which would indicate his target is Pallas in Scorpio. Full text of Joe Stack online suicide note posted on website