Friday, February 26, 2010

Lunar Spirals, Inner Compulsion and Irrational Revelatons

This picture of the spiral aurora above was taken in Tromsô, Norway by Dionys Moser on February 18, 2010. Yes Tromsô was ground zero for the Dec. 9th 2009 Norwegian Sprial.
The energies of this coming Full Moon on 2-28-2010 represent the essence of these spiral formations.

In my last blog entry I mentioned the visionary and boundless energies of the Neptune ruled stellium. This is a time of surreal connectedness which can make us dizzy in unlimited empathy and altered perceptions. We are all becoming mediums surfing waves of imaginations yet confronted with the dangers of the compulsions of Mars retrograde ready to station. Yes Mars is pushing it all out to the center stage with a desire for crazy risk taking. We are seeing the Year of the Tiger becoming the Year of the Shamu, slightly more ferocious daily. Just a little more fierce especially with an agitated quincunx to Pluto.

We saw today how that boundless irrationality that is Neptune can keep on giving.
Neptune/Poseidon the God of the sea and the might earth shaker struck 50 miles ESE of Okinawa, Japan in the Ryukyu Islands with a 7.0 Magnitude temblor. Continued after shocks in this spot and in Mindanao, Philippines.
These aspects are not just about earth changes they deal with resignations, scandals and belief systems falling apart. we see New York Governor David Paterson announcing he will not seek re-election on Friday amid domestic violence scandal involving aide - sound familiar? Pisces is sign of the abused and the victim..
Paterson: 'Never Abused My Office'

If that weren't enough, we find Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary saying she would also resign today. Her resignation was supposedly caused by multiple criticism (forebodings of the next Saturn-Virgo Opposition to Uranus-Pisces that pits those who are in power against those who are subject to power.

Just to make things interesting another Neptunian scandal hit the fan. In this case we are dealing with drug smuggling as the Pisces Stellium keeps swimming along
in coordination with the Moon in Leo opposing Mercury-Neptune together in Aquarius.
German company employed by Nato accused of drug smuggling in Afghanistan

Even these newsworthy improprieties reflect how things are finally dissolving and falling apart. We as collective humanity are finally ready to confront our deepest fears as we move thru the Galactic Sixth Night. This is the time of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli ("lord of the star of the dawn") Tlahuizcalpantecutli was the personification of the morning star, which is the planet Venus as seen in the morning. His brother Xolotl was the planet Venus as the evening star. Remember that the last stint in the morning sky, Venus appeared to go behind the sun — what astronomers call "superior conjunction" — on Jan. 11. For weeks it was not visible, mired deep in the brilliant glare of the sun. By this coming Full Moon on Feb. 28 the difference between sunset and Venus' setting will have improved and this God/Goddess is seen rising and plainly visible in the western evening sky.

The ancient Toltecs told of Spirals in Sky where gods were descending to earth.

Clearly the Venus conjunction with Uranus in Pisces exact on March 3rd is ready and willing to translate the chaotic and uncontrollable energies of the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition (April 26th). Financial Astrologer Ray Merriman defines the power of the unexpected energies ahead with these translations of forces. Uranus represents the principles of the unforeseen, that which was not anticipated. It hits with a surprise, “out of the blue,” so to speak. Uranus rules technology. It is in Pisces but about to enter the combative and military-conflicts sign of Aries, which also pertains to weapons as well as the world-wide web. Is there a cyber attack? Is there a launch of new missile, another “weapon of mass destruction?”