Friday, January 29, 2010

A Moon Fit for Stalking Wolf

On the night of this biggest baddest moon of the year, a Wolf Moon that calls up the world of prophecies specifically Stalking Wolf a mentor to the great tracker Tom Brown.
We have entered the winter season of prophecy which relates to both Neptune and Jupiter.
Neptune in Aquarius is closely conjunct Chiron (a shamanic prophet of the centaurs). Jupiter now in Pisces (ruled by Neptune/Poseidon of the oceans is in a sextile to Pluto which speaks of transformation and alchemical black gold.
The rush toward 2012 has become an obsession for some.
The Red Sky warnings
From Grandfather by Tom Brown
"Author and wilderness expert Tom Brown has told students about the
current status of the 104 prophecies given by Stalking Wolf
("Grandfather"). To date, 99 of these have come true. From the time that
the 100th prophecy is fulfilled, the red sky prophecy's fulfillment is
purported to be seven to ten years beyond that date. (written on 2005-05-25)

A prophecy is a message (Mercury) that has been communicated to a prophet (Jupier) involving divine inspiration and revelation(Neptune).
Sabian Symbol for the Sun @ 11 degrees Aquarius speaks to the lightening flash of sudden spiritual awakening or channeled visions.
"Meditating on a mountaintop, a man receives a powerful vision, later he walks down towards the city holding the outlines of a new plan."
Even the rather paranormal Sabian for the the Moon @ 11 degrees Leo speaks to the innate wisdom of the enchanted and of nature:
"Lit by a sunbeam, a beautiful little girl is swinging from the branch of a huge old oak tree. In the darkened foreground, one of the "wee" folk is leading others into a natural door at the base of the tree."

Even though tonight's lunation is not an eclipse which could create the effect of a
Reddening, or Rubedo with perihelion constellations yet...The Red Planet Mars also made a close approach to Earth on January 27 when it lies 61.7 million miles away.
Blood Moon Version 2

One thing for sure this day has its share of both theatrical, confusing and comedic-tragico circumstances that get even stranger. Moon-Mars in royal Leo opposing Sun-Venus speaks of the elite exposing themselves on purpose and on accident. Per the death of Herman Rockefeller, an Australian couple charged with millionaire's murder. To make things even more bizarre neighbours of the couple dismissed Herman's body burning as BBQ?
Can it get more ridiculous? Long dead Bin Laden is helping in the fight against Global Warming. Emboldened by this royal Full Moon near Mars, the TPTB are throwing out their favorite Terrorist Boogeyman to combat Climategate? WTF
The situation then went from "Surreal" to a sad comedy! Even with Jupiter in gullible Pisces, do they really expect us to believe this pile of steaming excrement?
Right about the same time as the alleged "sporadic tape" released by a ghost, we saw how
U.S. Drops Plan for a 9/11 Trial in New York City we kind of knew this was coming. Instead of opening up the WTC false flag event to a new investigation, NYC is continuing down the path of disinformation and obscuration. The Sun-Mars opposition has meant both pressure on leaders as Saturn-Pluto also is also blocking the trial with Saturn in Libra (serious legal decisions). This accounts for the dramatic reversal on whether to try the alleged 9/11 terrorists blocks from the former World Trade Center. Saturn-Pluto in waning square also corresponds to increased territorial boundaries, scarcities, and multiple obsessions with safety and security. This configuration also corresponds to debt and raising the debt ceiling now over 14 trillion, the Dems are smoking PCP laced hookahs cause they think that they have a shot at raising it again right after the mid-term elections in November 2010. The monster Uranus Aries-Jupiter in June/July in a combustible TSQ with the very same Saturn-Pluto.

More from Stalking Wolf:
"He gazed for a long time at the sky, in a state
of awe and terror, for the red color of the sky was like nothing he had ever
seen in any sunset or sunrise. The color was that of man, not of Nature,

As mother earth is awakenign per ice storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, earthquakes, cyclones torrrential rains, just as Father Sun is becoming spectacularly active with sunspots and solar tsunamis. Currently the USGS is quiet except for a couple of quakes in the near the Galapagos Islands I don't suspect it will be this calm in the next few days following this Full Moon.
More from grandfather:
'From this
time, when the stars bleed, to the fourth and final sign will be four
seasons of peace. It is in these four seasons they must live deep within
the wild places and find a new home, close to the Earth and the Creator.
It is only the children of the Earth that will survive, and they must live the
philosophy of the Earth'

The subtle vibrations, visions and true prophecies from the native Americans like Stalkng Wolf or Red Elk are strong this evening.
Again Grandfather:
Man will be given these warnings: if
unheeded, there can be no hope, for only the children of the Earth will
purge themselves of mankind's destructive thinking.