Thursday, January 07, 2010

1-11-2010 @ 11 AM Another Point of Staged Destiny or Spiraling Out of Control

Here is the chart set for January 11, 2010 @ 11:11 AM UT for London when Sun-N Node and Venus are together in Capricorn. The North Node is

It has been almost a month since the Norwegian Spiral, Copenhagen and War/Peace Prize Acceptance by Obama. Remember all hoopla and back pedaling around the failed Russian Missle Test?

That was Dec. 9, 2009 and Mars and Mercury were about in the same place about 18 degrees Leo and Mercury around 6 degrees Capricorn except now they are both retrograde. When we go back a little further to Nov. 5th and the Ft. Hood Mind Control Shooting with Mars direct in Leo applying to a square with Mercury-Sun @ 13 Scorpio a sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto an intense combination of retribution an violence. Looking familiar ? especially since Mars is in a theatrical sign known for Hollywood and movie scripts or "Staged Events" if you will. Due to apparent retrograde motion Mars tranverses this dominant, showoff sign of royal authority from Oct. 16, 2009 till June 7, 2010! This is plenty of time to craft heroic events and false flags per the "Crotch Bomber" Dutch airline hero Jasper Schuringa says failed bombing similar to script he wrote 8 years ago.
You should be sick of seeing this kid's face and hearing about the scripted events around Northwest Flight 253 bound for Detroit
everytime you turn around. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab accused of trying to blow up a US-bound plane on Christmas Day has had a plea of not guilty entered for him during his first appearance in a US court. Mercury now in Capricorn is known for realism and opportunistic behaviour especially in square to Saturn (authorities) This is an aspect that really lays down the restrictions and pushes an agenda. So on Jan. 4th (Georgia Guidestones NWO Day) The 9/11 Commission whitewash chief Thomas Kean told CNN yesterday that the Christmas Day plane bomber “did us a favor,” Obviously besides getting scanners in all the airports but with Mercury now moving toward Pluto a blatant manipulation to coerce a renewal of the unconstitutional Patriot Act - view here.

More evidence that a hard line agenda to move into Yemen and crack down on the rest of us in the US is also a reflection of Mercury stationing retrograde early AM on Dec. 26th.
Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen goes into some of the fishy details about this Nigerian terrorist the False Flags and Patriot Act 3.0.

Looking back on the last staged incident on Christmas day when Moon was in an incendiary sign of Aries setting off the Sun-Pluto conjunction possessed with a thirst for power along with a compulsive, obsessive and destructive energies. Saturn was still in a hard aspect to both Sun-Pluto when the bomber was subdued. Since the plane made its descent into Detroit Metropolitan Airport, landing at 11:53 a.m, I had set the chart for the passengers and crew to capture Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab at 11:42 a.m with Pisces Rising and ruler Jupiter separating from the illusiionist Neptune all in the 12 house of hidden plans.

Coming into present time, me we are coming up to 1-11-10 a week after the Burj Khalifa opened on 1-4-2010 to mark the the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 828 m (2,717 ft) and opening the door for speculation So here we go comes into view: 1-11-2010. Despite the hype regarding the opening of a time capsule at the GA Guidestones, the synchronicity involved with events on Monday's disseminating moon phase were maddening. Disseminating Moons are sacred to KORE and KALI This was a day of big announcements with Sun-Mercury together in perhaps the most dense or materialistic signs.
Announcements of violence and hype (Mars in Leo) in a dramatic shooting caught on tape in
Vegas an obviously Leo ruled city.

Looking at chart set for January 11, 2010 @ 11:11 AM UT for London when Sun-N Node and Venus are together in Capricorn. This appears to be the perfect set up for another dramatic event of influence. Venus together with N Node could reflect lasting difficulties
and unfullfilled needs perhaps in an economic arena? One thing is for sure is that the opposition from S Node involves help from past karma. Mercury together with Pluto is the sign of rogue elements and square Saturn a leverage for TPTB to continue tightening the screws.

Fixed Stars.
Aculeus - Rising 20 mins 43 secs before Sunrise -
Understanding that rough stones can be polished by life's difficulties

El Nath - Setting 71 mins 08 secs before Sunrise -
A confronting attitude, a desire to deal with real life, real issues

Alcyone plays prominently in this day of destiny:
Alcyone, "The Central One", is the central or main star and also the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters,
Alcyone is rising as the Sun is Culminating orb 00 mins 31 secs -
The ruthless visionary, a passionate and arrogant person
Alcyone is rising as Venus is Culminating orb 00 mins 41 secs -
A love of theatre or the rituals of religion: the poetic soul