Saturday, January 09, 2010

Approaching 1-11-2010 - Survival and Communication Matters

This is a really quick update as I continue to explore some of the implications
of the coming "destiny event" on January 11, 2010 @ 11:00 AM UT.
Chart Below with Sun-N Node-Venus all in 10th and Mid-Heaven close to Mercury-Pluto
The Sabian Symbol for Mercury @ 7 degrees: "A veiled prophet of power." or this more modern version "Populist hero being tried for a capital offense, delivers a resonating emotional appeal. The executioner looms in the background with black hood over his face."
These symbols deal with physical and psychic domination from the TPTB.

I just noticed this video from the notorious George4Title which shines light on
how people are coping with the struggles of this Capricorn alignment.
When he talks about burning books - books relate to Mercury and yes Mercury is retrograde
till January 15th with squares Saturn in Libra which deals withrealism in communications and facing the stark facts of our economy. Saturn (ruler of the Capricorn alignment) will also turn retrograde on Wednesday, January 13 signifying cold, freezing weather which we
are seeing all over the world.
George's video also highlights a media guy out of Vegas who really lays it on the line about mainstream media and how the "young 24 year old" producers who take the filtered feeds-news have no freakin clue!
Burning Books For Heat, Walmart Shelves Empty?, MSM Insider Report

Ray Merriman stated today (Jan. 9th)on his weekly reports. "Saturn in Libra is also in what is called a “mutual reception” to Venus (stocks and currencies) in Capricorn. They are in one another’s ruling signs, which further highlight the characteristics of both planets and signs. This week may be very important in terms of reversals in these markets."
Perhaps issues with Tim Geithner Facing Possible Criminal Charges via the AIG Coverup
could blow up big time next week. Note that N Node is our fate and where we are going. Venus of course deals with currencies but also deals with arts, music, theatre, pleasures, fashion, cinema or popular culture.
I still see a major event around our nations resources and yes finances through bankers, financial institutions and farming.

From my perspective all this is coming next week with the 1-11-2010 Sun-N Node-Venus alignment and on a higher spiritual frequency there is a synchronicity with Solara and The Ninth Gate Activation of the 11:11 - Monday will not be the day but will provide a
precursor this important portal.