Monday, January 18, 2010

History Repeats Itself - Another US Occupation of Haiti

This is a picture of a large sequined Vodou "drapo" or flag (from artist George Valris). The image depicts the veve, or symbol, of the loa Loko Atison. A Veve or Vévé is a religious symbol (relates to Pluto in Pisces) commonly used in voodoo. The Veve acts as a "beacon" for the loa, which is a a type of spirit, and will serve a loa's representation during rituals

Jupiter in Pisces and the 1804 Independence Chart for Haiti

A dreamy sliver of a Pisces Crescent Moon is forming and adds more caution to the new moon which was kicked off by the Solar Eclipse on Jan. 15th. It should be noted that the New Moon personality doesn't have a clue about potential problems, but the Crescent personality has an innate sense of the positives and negatives and will still move into dangerous territories even those wheredisasters and accidents have occurred. Crescent phase energy advances without any need to justify their actions. Note that this lunar transit combined with Jupiter's recent ingress into Pisces (merging with oil & gas resources) is opening a portal to history. It should be noted that Jupiter will be soon transiting Pluto @ 6 degrees Pisces found in the Haitian Independence Chart from France set for Jan 1, 1804. Jupiter always is about excess or too much of something and in Pisces we are talking about dance, the arts, mystical beliefs, the martyr, sacrifice, victim, redeemer, religion, oceans etc.
When Jupiter and Pluto meet to commingle certain frequencies, it signals shamanic energies that catalyze spiritual transformation, along with the misuse of power per demagogy even fanaticism along with the obessive-compulsive.
Chart Below set for Jan. 1, 1804 with Pluto @ 6 degrees 32 minutes

Here is a video which reenacts the Bwa Kayiman Ceremony - a Vodun *Voodoo) gathering on Aug. 14, 1791 which kicked off the successful Haitian revolution, abolished slavery, colonialism and created the nation of Haiti.

Revolutionary energies coming in with Venus-Sun moving into Aquarius.

Mixed with the Venus (as of 6:35 AM PST) is now in volatile Aquarius and quickly on a violent collision course with Mars now retrograde in Leo. Mars retrograde also means that the military will be using their force for other activities besides direct attack. Activities like taking over Haiti disguised as relief and aid per the Clinton/Bush shock doctrine.
When we look back to 2008:
Is the UN military proxy occupation of Haiti masking US securing oil/gas reserves from Haiti
It doesn't appear that the US is seeking a Haitian divorce in their love-hate relationship and some of the more occult illuminati chiefs who are seeking not just physical oil but the spiritual version represented by Vodou or Vaudou. My sense is that Jupiter newly arrived in Pisces is not only going to bring the price of oil down with "too much" petroleum but also establish a mystical connection. Michel Chossudovsky and others have been asking the same question again: The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?

The United States occupied the island from 1915 to 1934. This occupation was initially resisted by a peasant revolt termed the "cacos" insurrection which was led by Charlemagne Péralte. Accusations of "indiscriminate" killing by US Marines were formally investigated by US Brigadier General George Barnett who concluded that 3250 "natives" were killed

'This Is About Helping Haiti, Not About Occupying Haiti'
Looking below at the chart for the First US Occupation of Haiti, Leo
Mercury direct in darker, Capricorn is separating from Pluto after translating the light from a Square with Saturn with Mainstream Media in an orgy of doom, dire and death from Haiti. Yet this part of the Voduo island or (The Island of Ayiti, not Hispaniola) may at first appear to be a barren rock but has hidden treasures. From Ezili Dantò and
Oil in Haiti and Oil Refinery - an old notion for Fort Liberte as a transshipment terminal for US supertankers. Here is a map of the mining resources in Haiti and showing 5 oil sites in Haiti, from the "White Book" of Fanmi Lavalas
According to the testimony of another Ezili HLLNetwork member, "One Haitian fisherman on the North area has been requested to bring back from Haiti's ocean floor some algaes that are used in medicine only found in Haiti. The people came back for more and depleted the area, he told me." The same Network member stated "I was told by Italian marble exporters that the best marble is from Haiti and when they get it there, no one really knows because it is sold by private elite organization ...Further it has been said that in remote areas of Haiti there are metal plaques engraved, 'Property of the US government.'"
Dissenting voices from Prison Planet to the French Minister are shouting about that old karmic hegemony and colonial policy reenacted via another occupation sensatationaly dressed as a humanitarian effort. The diplomatic row came amid heightened frustrations that hundreds of tons of aid was still not getting through. Charities reported violence was also worsening as desperate Haitians took matters into their own hands.

Keeping with my theme of the effects of the Eclipse Family 12 North that is all about opportunism when a disaster arises. For instance:
French Minister Rips US: 'This Is About Helping Haiti, Not About Occupying Haiti'

Alain Joyandet admitted he had been involved in a scuffle with a US commander in the airport's control tower over the flight plan for a French evacuation flight.
Looking at Haiti's History of Occupation: France occupied Haiti for more than 100 years, from 1697 to independence in 1804 after the world's first successful slave uprising. More recently, U.S. Marines occupied the country from 1915 to 1934 to quiet political turmoil.
The First US Occupation of Haiti.
American President Woodrow Wilson sent 330 U.S. Marines to Port-au-Prince on July 28, 1915. The specific order from the Secretary of the Navy to the invasion commander, Admiral William Deville Bundy, was to "protect American and foreign" interests. However, to avoid public criticism the occupation was labeled as a mission to “re-establish peace and order..
First Occupation of Haiti by the US set for July 28, 1915 with a rectified ascendant @ 00 Sagittarius 24 with a Sabian Symbol: "A great army of the republic - campfire."
More specifically Pluto-Saturn-Mercury-Venus in acquisitive Cancer in the 8th house of other people's money. In the 9th house of foreign affairs we have Neptune-Sun-Vesta-S Node and Hygeia (healer) all in dramatic, active Leo.

Thus the 1916 "invasion" of Haiti was prompted by debt repayment since at that time both American and French bank had loaned large sums of money to the Haitian government. So back debt repayment was in jeaopardy if an anti-American government prevailed under the leadership of Rosalvo Bobo.

Today as Venus kicked off the Aquarian season with an ingress and tomorrow the Sun moves into a revolutionary waterbearer. Pluto-Mercury-N Node-Sun all in Capricorn will continue the name calling by government representatives who see thru this 3rd invasion of Haiti.
PARIS — The United Nations must investigate and clarify the dominant U.S. role in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, a French minister said Monday, claiming that international aid efforts were about helping Haiti, not "occupying" it.

Rumour has it that Haitian president (Preval) was overheard telling his close associates he is the last president..
By the time a few independent news sources seize hold of the this true secret agenda and track down what might seem like rumors, the mainstream media will have moved on to the next story.