Wednesday, October 22, 2014

World Series 2014 Game Two Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens

Tonight we are back at Kauffman Stadium in KC and after last night's thorough whipping of the Royals by the comeback team of the decade, the SF Giants, undoubtedly the KC kids are out for blood. Historically the team that wins the first game usually takes the series and as Giants fan I believe they will but Game Two will be tough. Even though from an astrological standpoint both charts for game one and game two seem similar, there is strange energy tonight as we build up toward tomorrow's Partial Eclipse in Scorpio. This eclipse a partner to the Total Lunar eclipse on Oct. 8th will be visible over much of North America. And in the USA from 49 states except Hawaii! Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island will technically see the eclipse, but it is very unlikely, since the eclipse will begin seconds before sunset. Everyone could feel the tension before the game started. When we look at the final score and think back to the start of the game, it seemed counter-intuitive reflecting both Mercury retrograde, Mars Out of Bounds in Sagittarius and Venus Void of Course There was a Royal Reversal as the Giants dropped the second game of the World Series to the KC Royals - 7 to 2.
Update: First Inning seemed lie replay witGregor Blanco hit the first leadoff homer in the World Series since 2004. With Blanco's hitting this blast in Game 2, we expected the Giants to kick ass again. That is not exactly what happened as the Royals got another run themselves in the bottom of the first and by the 2nd inning were ahead leading 2 to 1. Then in th 4th. Sandoval and Belt put two well hit doubles together. Two batters later, Brandon Belt doubled to even the score. Adding to the sudden change of score tonight is that Uranus still in orb of the S. Node in Aries is supported by Mars the ruler of the Ram
Uranus is also conjunct fixed star Alpheratz,s a double star, with magnitudes, 2.2 and 11, colored white and purple and found on the head of Andromeda the Chained Woman. Alpheratz is said to give independence, freedom, love, riches, honor and a keen intellect. Combine with Uranus and shocking and irregular behavior can also occur - More on the Hunter Strickland's sudden angry disruption in the 6th. inning. It all started with a a two-run homer by Omar Infante off Hunter Strickland. The way it came down was that Strickland, the rookie reliever, started barking angrily at Perez, the American League’s starting catcher in the All-Star Game, when Perez and Infante crossed the plate. In full Mars in Sagittarius out of bounds style there was a lot of posturing happened and even brought many of the Royals onto the field, and when Strickland was lifted for Jeremy Affeldt, one of the umpires even escorted Strickland off the field.
Note that Strickland (born Sept. 24 1988) has both his natal Uranus in Out of Bounds by declination and Mars in fiery Aries in opposition to his natal Sun in Libra. He also has Saturn @ 27 degrees and Uranus @ 28 degrees both conjunct Aculeus which is an open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion. Aculeius is a companion to cluster to M7, Acume which is closely conjunct Mars at tomorrow's Solar Eclipse Aculeius like Acumen negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them poorly aspected, with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. . By the seventh,the Royals had a flurry of hitting adding another 5 runs. By the bottom of the seventh the score was 7 to 2 in the Royals favor. Looking at the Sun and Venus in the last or Third Decan and the ruler Jupiter now in Leo which supports this Taurus is rising which I will call the Royals using both the ascendant for the home team and the color blue closer to Taurus than Orange With Scorpio on the descendant/7th. house we relate to the Giants colors of Orange and Black. One of the subtle differences is that Venus ruler of the Home Team is moving closer to a beneficial conjunction with the Sun. That conjunction won't occur till tomorrow @ 2:21 PM when both signs will be in Scorpio @ 1 degree. These early degrees of Scorpio from 1 to 10 are called "Decans" meaning 10. When we look at the Table of Faces (or Decanates) we see that Mars is the ruler. Scorpio is also planet relating to transformations and in this case to a type of resurrection. Of overall the Giants themselves are the champions of Phoenix like behavior during the 2014 season. Keep in mind that Mars the planet which most correlates to energy, desire and athletic ability is now out of bounds in Sagittarius when extremes can occur. Also with Mercury (retro.) near the N. Node of future fate in the sign of the scales, things can tip either way with this game. chart below:
Speaking of the scales of Libra by the 4th inning, the Giants had tied it. Sandoval led off the top of the fourth inning with a double after his liner to deep center field bounced off Lorenzo Cain's glove just before Cain crashed into the wall. Two batters later, Brandon Belt doubled to right field off Kansas City starter Yordano Ventura to tie it at 2.