Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NLCS 2014 - Game 4 - Giants vs. Cardinals thru an Astrological Lens


Back to Baseball and specifically Game Four of the NLCS with Giants vs. Cardinals
With start time 5:07 PM Pacific Time and the Giants leading and trying to keep the momentum going. Final Result SF Giants come back with power and desire to beat the Cards 6 to 4

An astrological analysis
Since the moon is Void of Course, some sports astrologers say that: Nothing much happens, i.e., the favorite wins."Nothing much happens" means that the expected result occurs.
Not so sure about that or how it will be business as usual! With the continued Mercury retrograde period and fiery trines led by Mars in Sagittarius...

Giants starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong (born July 22,1977) another pitcher like Hudson born with Sun in latter degrees of Cancer.

Vogey also has a Leo conjunction with Saturn-Mercury-Vesta which can mean exceptional control or wild pitches.
Most favorable for Voggie is his natal Mars in Gemini relating ot manual dexterity and quick reactions along with a Ceres-Pluto-Moon combo in Libra which indicate power struggles which can be resolved by cooperation with his teammates and self-determination.

Another Pitcher that figures into tonight's game is Yusmeiro Alberto Petit (born November 22, 1984)

This former Venezuelan professional baseball pitcher now makikng a name for himself in San Francisco
as a clutch reliever who throws strikes.
Petit in his natal chart has an heroic Sagittarian Stellium with his Sun (identity) @ critical 0 degrees - Uranus @ 13 degrees and Mercury @ 22 degrees
all these planets are well aspect with current transits from fire and air signs.
Speaking of air as an element which can enhance pitching abilities
is Petit's Grand Air trine led by Mars in Aquarius! >Notice the sequence of Petit's last two outstanding performances: Tonight's shut out innings piled atop his six shutout innings during the NLDS against the Nationals, here’s Petit’s postseason line: 9 innings, 2 hits, 0 runs, 4 walks, 11 strikeouts. Yes, that’s the equivalent of a complete-game, two-hit shutout.
>In sports astrology:
the ascendant(ASC) represents the home time and the descendant (DSC) the visiting team.
Pisces is rising with the (ASC) @ 20 degrees with this Sabian: "A table set for an evening meal."
Could this mean that the red-hot Giants will bring home the bacon tonight?
I would say there will be an element of devouring with this game but the question is who will serve and who will eat?
Jupiter, which is the ancient ruler of the chart also connects with Mars now in Sagittarus
Jupiter is in Leo and positioned the 6th. house relating to how the game is played on an inning by inning basis .
With Leo it will involve grand gestures.
Neptune the modern ruler of the chart below is in the 12th house which can represent some confusion, resignations and hidden motivations - not that positive.
Uranus is intercepted in the first house indicating another unusual/swift start to the game perhaps involving a sudden home run or hit to quickly drive in runs.
Virgo is on the cusp of the 7th house representing the Cardinals - remember that Mercury ruler of Virgo is retrograde so
the Cards could also have there share of errors.
Also since the 7th. house is dominated by the Libra Stellium which is intercepted , we could see the Cardinals shift and re-balance with a victory
Or once again come back strong with rallys and home runs. Chart Below set for 5:07 PM PDT starting time

Update: The Giants are one home game win away from capturing their third National League pennant in five seasons because they are playing fundamental baseball a whole lot better than the Cardinals.

One of the biggest factors in this game was and is Mars
at Mid-Heaven @ 22 degrees 21 minutes of Sagittarius - In other words Action-Packed per this update from SF Gate: Packed first 3 innings of NLCS Game 4
Mars fits in well today, since this hard-hitting planet is part of the Waning Square by Quincunx to the Moon in Cancer
When games and competition can fluctuate quickly....and since Mars is in Sagittarius - we will see more than our share of hits and errors.
Yet Mars is also aligned with the Sun in Libra - a Hero Making aspect!
Since Mars, the warrior planet that gives athletes and all of us desire, energy, that motivating force that makes things happen!
Having Mars Out of Bounds in the sign of the sportsman, risk taker and clown Sagittarius makes this game exciting with some unusual circumstances happening in rapid fire. (That describes the Giant's rally that kept on giving)
Mars is well aspected with the Sun (just separating from an exact sextile) which encourages assertiveness, bravery and trying new things.
well aspected with Mercury in Libra which can mean fast reactions, quick decisive action and great motor control when you swing the bat, catch sizzling drives or pitch cutters that spin away. Notice how the Giants came from behind!