Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World Series 2014 Game Seven Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens


FINAL SCORE - GIANTS WIN 3 TO 2 OVER THE ROYALS AND BAUMGARNER BREAKS RECORDS!!!! Bumgarner leads SF Giants to Game 7 win, third World Series title in five seasons

The Giants win three World Series in the last five years and the first team since 1979 to win game 7 on the road.  We are in historic times for sure and with all the geo-political and geo-cosmic changes per the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square (which began on 2012 and end on 2015) it should be no surprise that in the world of sports this is happening.
On an individual level, the MVP of this 2014 World Series, Madison Bumgarner characterizes the drive, persistence and winning attitude of the Giants.  With his performance tonight, here are some of the records that he smashed. 

What were the astrological circumstances that led to this unbelievable win for the SF Giants?

It is the final game of the World Series with maximum excitement and cheering coming from the crowds at Kaufman Field in KC. Tonight's blog is not about making predictions but describing the potential and reality of both the SF Giants and the KC Royals to win it all. We are in a period when records are being broken and historic events are being recorded. Note that in astrology, contacts with Uranus usually result in first time events and record breakers. The Moon continues in traditionally conservative Capricorn but it is Mars also in the sign of the mountain goat that will not let this game be anything but usual. On my website I have been chronicling the transit of Mars the planet most influential for athleticism (representing desire and vitality) in cardinal Capricorn applying to an explosive 90 degree angle to Uranus, the shocker and progenitor of sudden events. This Mars-Uranus square is also known to cause accidents and in this game two Royals players, Perez and Gordon have been hit by Giants pitching. After last nights 10 to 0 debacle for the Giants, the Royals appear to have the momentum to win but let's take a closer look. But first another of tonight's record breakers was another Leo who plays to the crowd and loves is fans - Pablo Emilio Sandoval, Jr., (born August 11, 1986) who set an MLB record for the  most hits in a single postseason, 26.  Pablo has a Grand Fire trine with a close 120 degree angle from his  Sun (identity an leadership) to his natal Uranus in Sagittarius (representing sudden and exciting hits and defensive plays) to his natal N. Node in Aries 

That said let's look at a chart set for tonight's first pitch which I recorded at 7:11 PM CDT Once again for this latitude Taurus is the ascendant representing the Royals and @ 25 degrees is opposing Saturn in Scorpio in the sixth house
Since the 5th. house cusp describes how the Royals play the game and it is Virgo relating to deliberate, precise playing and Mercury the ruler is in the sixth near the N. Node - the score can and will shift quickly. Now for the Giants represented by the sign on the DSC, Scorpio we look toward Mars (ancient ruler ) found in the house of Scorpio the 8th applying toward a conjunction with Pluto. the Giants will be the comeback team per the Phoenix effect of Scorpio! Plus both Ceres and Vesta, two asteroids representing nurturing and devotion/focus are in risk-taking Sagittarius.

 Update: On the top of the 4th. inning, the Giants have gone ahead 4 to 3 After Gemini Jeremy David Affeldt (born June 6, 1979) relieved Hudson, the starter and did an admirable job, Bouchy brought in the big guns, with Leo superstar Madison Baumgarner (born Aug. 1, 1989) coming on in the bottom of the 5th. As I  mentioned in a year with Jupiter expanding the power, fame and performance of Leos, Madison stands out with his natal Moon-Sun-Mercury-S. Node and Mars all in the sign of the Lion-hearted. Yet for tonight we have to look at his natal Uranus-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn which resonated with the current Mars transit reflecting tonight's record breaking performance.
Below is Madison's Natal Chart:

By the sixth inning, we should have expected the Giants to pull out all the stops considering Vesta in Sagittarius (representing bold moves) and applying to a trine with Uranus in Aries. On the other side with the Moon in Cappy applying to a trine to the Ascendant, the Royals shouldn't be counted out and at 3 to 2, a one run deficit may not be enough for the Giants to win, if it wasn't for Madison. It was obvious by the 9th. inning that Madison Baumgarner had achieved something that no other pitcher in a World Series had - most innings pitched. Plus Madison had only allowed one run in his entire World Series career. After giving up a triple, Madison held the Royals to give the Giants an incredible comeback Win!!!  He is a true super hero who personifies the Grateful Dead
tune Fire on the Mountain.   Bumgarner's remarkable Game 7 performance made him the first pitcher to throw at least four scoreless innings in a World Series Game 7 on two days' rest since Sandy Koufax's notable shutout for the Dodgers in 1965.