Thursday, October 16, 2014

NLCS 2014 Game Five - Giants vs. Cardinals thru an Astrological Lens

Forget all that doom, gloom, fire & falling stones stuff.
Let go of the Ebola Propaganda, fear mongering and Psyops/Hoax
Take a break the sixth extinction and 7th root race and just have some fun on this Leo Moon

Now for some Baseball, Cheering, Peanuts and Popcorn..
I am specifically talking about Game Five of the NLCS with Giants vs. Cardinals
Will this be a repeat of last Wednesday night's game, a come from behind thriller?
In Game Four, the Giants out fielded, pitching and hitting the Cardinals To win 6 to 4.

Yes Game Five was not just a nail biter filled with what has been dubbed "torture over 9 innings" and nirvana at the end. Yes as with any moon in a fixed sign like Leo, it is all about alls well that ends well!
And for the Third time in Five Years:
The SF Giants are back in the World Series
Plus with Juno (partnerships) - the Moon (emotional upsurge) and Jupiter (success) all in dramatic, fiery Leo

There were lots of heroes:

Looking back at my astrologically descriptive forecast for Game Five:

First of all once again Uranus in Aries is intercepted in the first house meaning things will start fast and many hits and plays will be sudden and shocking.
Watch out for Game-Changing Errors and Errant Winds with Mercury continuing Retrograde till October 25th.

More than likely with Mercury retrograde, there will be some crucial errors.
On the other hand iwht Mars aligned with Mercury, some totally amazing plays, hit and runs, base stealing and ferocious pitching
In other words add in the Moon-Juno-Jupiter all in Leo - so expect some heroic efforts!
Before we bring in the pitchers, let's look at the chart set for the first pitch @ 5:07 PM PDT
Chart Below with Pisces rising at this time @ 22 degrees with this over the top Sabian Symbol:
"A prophet bringng down the new law from the mountain."
Time for the Giants to lay down the law?
What kind of revelations will we all experience in this super-exciting Game Five?

UPDATE: Giants 6, Cardinals 3

SF Giants win pennant on Travis Ishikawa’s walkoff homer.
One of the Heroes Tonight was Libra Travis Ishikawa (born September 24, 1983)
with an explosive natal Grand Fire Trine led by Mars-Venus in Leo aligning well with tonight's Leo Moon/Jupiter and yes Mars now out of bounds in Sagittarius - relating to extreme athletic performance.

As After Michael Morse so improbably tied Game 5 of the National League Championship Series with an eighth-inning homer off Pat Neshek, Travis Ishikawa hit a three-run homer off Michael Wacha with one out in the ninth for a 6-3 win that sent AT&T Park into a state of delirium, and the Giants to the World Series.

Here are the astrological factors that help the Giants Achieve the Third Trip to the World Series in Five Years:

Once again the chart's rulers are Jupiter (ancient ruler) and Neptune (modern ruler)
Most conducive to a blow away victory is Jupiter in the 6th. followed by Juno and Moon in the 5th.
Mainly due to positive support from Vesta and Mars both in risk-taking, bold Sagittarius both in the 9th. house adding reception.
Where as Neptune is in the 12th. house of things hidden, institutions and imagination
which doesn't have the high energy ramifications

Once again with sports astrology:
the ascendant(ASC) represents the home time and the descendant (DSC) the visiting team.
The Giants with Pisces rising have the abundance advantage with ruler Jupiter
The Cards with Virgo on the 7th house cusp (DSC) are the perfectionists who have to deal with Mercury retrograde
Yet Mercury is conjunct Venus both in Libra and intercepted in the 7th house
which can bolster communications between the players but also be a hinderance..

Now for the two ace starting pitchers: Madison Bumgarner (August 1, 1989 vs. Adam Wainright (August 30, 1981)

Undoubtedly we will see a great pitching duel..
Compare their current records:
An 18-game winner this season with a 2.98 ERA, Bumgarner figures to finish in the top five in the NL Cy Young Award balloting along with Wainwright, who won 20 for the second time while posting a 2.38 ERA.
Madison of course is 8 years younger with a potentially longer career ahead.
His style is perhaps less refined than Wainright, the elder who can also throw heat!
Below is a dual wheel chart with Wainright's natal chart in the central wheel and Bumgarner's younger natal chart on the outside ring.

Both pitchers are equally matched but Madison the younger is less experienced than Adam Wainwright
If powerful Madison can dominate with his fast ball and get lots of fielding support
Also Bumgarner is a double threat being the best hitting pitcher in baseball.
His natal Leo Stellium should burn thru the Cards.
while on the other token, it will be Wainright's Virgo Combo
that will increase perfect pitching.
Of course is Wainright's other stellium of Saturn-Jupiter-Vesta-Venus-Pluto in Libra
could mean he gets flustered if he starts getting off balance from Giants hitting.

Also in Sports Astrology - The 5th house, and 11th house (counted as 5th from the 7th) describe how they play the game.
In this case the Leo cusp for the Giants represent maybe an over-confident stance
which could be there downfall.
Ruler is the Sun now in Libra near Mercury (cooridination/reflexes) now retro. in Libra causing the game to go the way of the Cards.
In the case of the Cards,11th house (counted as 5th from the 7th) has Aquarius on the cusp
with Ruler, Uranus in that angular first house as I mentioned which has meant unexpected hits including an hit by Jay which was mishandled by Travis.

Update from the 7th inning with Chris Issac singing God Bless America with Chris Dale Johnson.
And the Cardinals Lead 3 to 2 over the Giants
Using my chart animation program we see at 7:13 PM that the Leo combo of Juno-Moon-Jupiter are now in the 4th. house which could favor the Giants.
While Capricorn is on the cusp of the 10th. house now and ruler Saturn is near Ceres in Scorpio and in the 7th so it is about how steady Wainright and the Cards can remain.

For the Giants it is all about coming back with an abrupt rally or home run. And as we know this is what occurred not just once but three times!