Friday, October 24, 2014

World Series 2014 Game Three Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens


This Friday, October 24th. just one day after a momentous Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Game Three is on tap tonight @ 5:07 PM Pacific for the first pitch. We are now at pivotal Game Three of the World Series in San Francisco with the Royals and Giants tied at one game apiece. I am predicting the Giants Take Game Three and later in this report I will explain why! Of the 56 previous occasions in which the World Series has been tied at a game apiece, the home club is 26-30 in Game 3, winning three of the last five. Pitching for the Giants is veteran right hander Tim Hudson (born July 14, 1975) with a tenacious Sun-Saturn conjunction in cardinal, Cancer and Mars in persistent Taurus. Tonight Hudson is supported by a harmonious trine from these Scorpio planets and bodies: Venus-Sun-Moon-Pallas-Saturn and Ceres. Since all those Scorpio planets are ruled by Mars and Pluto both in the most public of all houses the 10th. The Tim will be making his first World Series start, Tim Hudson is trying to help the Giants gain a 2-1 Series advantage. His control and steadiness will keep the Giants in the game till the middle innings when hopefully the Giants have scored multiple times on singles, doubles and at least one home run.

Before we go into more details about the astrology chart below set for the first pitch, it appears that with Aries rising, there should be lots of explosive action and our share of hits. Even if the game turns out to low scoring at first and appears to be pitcher's duel, there is a coiled feeling that things could break out any time. With Aries rising and Uranus in the first expect the unexpected along with sudden hits and record breaking defensive plays. Speed on the bases will be another factor in the game as will be the relievers not just throwing heat but being accurate. Yet in the final score it will be those hits and sacrifice plays that drive in runs which will separate the winner from the loser.
Using the Ascendant Aries to represent the Giants we see that Mars ruler of this chart is at Mid-Heaven in expansive and volatile Sagittarius and has I have been saying Mars is Out of Bounds so we will see some extremes

\ Chart Below:
Looking at the chart above, I have ascribed the KC Royals to the Descendant. ( So called because planets at this point descend beneath the horizon and are no longer visible to the naked eye. ) The descendant is the degree of the ecliptic (zodiac) that meets the western horizon, and which denotes the 7th house cusp. Libra is on the 7th house cusp with the Scorpio stellium of Venus-Sun-Pallas all in Scorpio with a one degree orb. Mercury found in the 7th. and now stationing to finally move direct along side the N. Node. This could mean more errors or mistakes from the Royals. There are four TSquares in this chart all mostly involving the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square known for sudden upheavals on and off the field. One of those potentially tumultuous disruptions could even involve the weather for Game Four with e clouds ready to let loose with some powerful rain. If the Giants win this one, which I am still saying they do, they will take the entire series especially since the rains could mean a major delay which will eat at the Royals resolve and confidence.