Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Lion Strikes with Serpent Power


Pisces is a time of mourning, grief but also of opening a window to the super-natural symbolism
all around us. I am referring to the symbolism of the 8th Tarot Card Strength or Force  which the Qabalistshave assigned the Hebrew letter Teth. Teth means snake and represents serpent-power which is appropriate for this 2013 year of the Water Snake.  This energy which has been described as "cosmic electricity" or kundalini also has a mode of consciousness.  The mode of consciousness attributed to Teth is "Intelligence of the Secret  of all Spiritual Activities."  Suffice to say when we try to "open the mouth" of the symbolic Lion, a fixed sign, King of the Beasts and one of the 4 holy creatures we are connecting with sub-consciousness which is at all times in control of every sub-human manifestation of cosmic energy. Note too that the Helical Setting Star, Regulus or the Heart of the Lion was present in the last new moon on Feb. 25th This type of control starts with self-conscious control, something that Donna Hanson was unable to do on March 6, 2013.

The sad tale of Donna Hanson's swift and untimely death from the swipe of a lion's paw has made national news. The story carried by AP and all major news outlets like SF Gate says she was killed by the lion while she was cleaning his enclosure. They also show the same picture below of Cous Cous, a a 4-year-old male African lion. Cous Cous was not an ordinary lion, in fact he was a Barbary lion (Panthera leo leo), per Wikipedia: also known as the Atlas lion which is subspecies of lion that became extinct in the wild in the 20th century. Its former habitat range was in North Africa
encompassing the region from Morocco to Egypt and last known Barbary lion was shot and killed in Morocco in 1922. 

 Specifically the AP article places the time of the attack on Dianna Hanson, 24, at around 12:30 p.m. while she was in the lion's enclosure at Project Survival's Cat Haven in Dunlap, about 45 miles east of Fresno, authorities said. Donna who was a protector of big cats per another article published today started started a six-month internship at the sanctuary Jan. 2. By the next day, she was familiar with every cat on the property and introduced her father to Cous Cous. The article goes on to quote her father again "She was disappointed because the owners told her she couldn't get in the cages with the big cats,"

Below is a chart set for March 6th @ 12:30 PM PST in Dunlap, California. Cancer was rising @ 11 degrees reflecting the nature of this sanctuary and of the protective nature of Donna. The Sabian Symbol for this rising degree: "A clown making grimaces."  The ruler of the chart, the Moon which was conjunct Pluto @ 12 degrees Capricorn opposed the sensitive ascendant and represented the tooth and claw of nature's subhuman strength.  The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees Capricorn: "A student of nature lecturing. "  Mars, the planet associated with this attack was at the Mid-Heaven and Void of Course in Pisces when accidents can occur. When Mars is VOC it is at time when individual actions stimulate progressive movement, or panic and risks are taken. Mars in the chart below is also in a dangerous 90 degree angle to Ceres (the nurturer), in a sesquiquadrate (135 degree angle) to Saturn creating agitation and contra-parallel Uranus reflecting sudden violence .