Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thunderous Events Continue with the Full Crow Moon


  March 28th. the Full Moon and The Aries Stellium - Thunderous Events Continue By now you have heard about the "massive landslide" on Whidbey Island 50 miles north of Seattle! At Fox News Landslide affects 34 homes on scenic Washington island Or over the same thing over at ABC Landslide on Washington Island Forces Evacuation of 34 Homes THIS WAS BIG in terms of earth displacemt and altitude drop The landslide stretched across 400 to 500 yards and the earth dropped 600 to 700 yards down to the water Fortunately nobody was hurt! Description of the residentsResidents of a hillside overlooking scenic Puget Sound heard the thunder of a large landslide Wednesday that knocked one home off its foundation, and isolated or threatened more than two dozen others on Whidbey Island, about 50 miles north of Seattle.
Astrologically :
This slide occurred less than 2 hours after the Full Moon @ 2:27 AM with Capricorn Rising "the slide broke loose about 4 a.m. in the Ledgewood community. " A chart below is set for 4:00 AM on Whidbey with Pluto having moved across the first house (total destruction to those houses)

The First House with a "cardinal-active" sign earthy Capricorn rising represents the residents
the effects of the people's houses and general conditions
Ruler of this chart Saturn,  representing structure which has slide off a cliff,  is posited close to the 10th. we discuss more later in this report.
When this Mega-Landslide happened Pluto, the destroyer is in a high-energy TSQ
to Venus-Sun-Uranus and don't forget Mars and it/s tremendous release of energy
Plus the Moon in now in "off-balanced Libra" makes up the third part of this ferocious TSQ
Libra is opposing those hyper-active accident prone Ariesplanets which have moved across the 4th and 3rd houses
4th house cusp or IC (Immum Coeli)
The 3rd house with Aries relates to the neighboring community Taurus a fixed earth sign is on the IC - ground zero with the South Node
opposes N Node and Saturn both in extreme Scorpio at Mid-Heaven or most Publicly Seen or where the Public Eye is focused.
Pluto ruler of Scorpio is in a long term mutual reception wih Saturn
And in this chart with Capricorn the rising, Saturn is ruler of the natural 10th. adding another place for these energies to release. It ain't over yet folks From the article "Authorities are continuing to monitor a house where there's still slide activity, as dirt continues to slough off the cliff," Video below with all the hype of Mercury SQ Jupiter but the seriousness of Saturn trine Mercury today.

The next few days will be filled with even more thunderous events involving more than just evacuations from earth changes. Heading toward Easter on March 31st pay attention to the Signs
above and below the earth.  Massive shifting of earth from landslides to sinkholes  is happening from Malaysia to China too!