Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mercury in Pisces Square Jupiter in Gemini 3 times Feb./March 2013


With the Mercury retrograde cycle in Pisces hit a mid-point Wednesday - March 6th. there was a shift even though this particular cycle of the cosmic messenger started on Feb. 23rd. won't end till St. Patrick's day 3-17-2013.
 This  shift deals with a type of amorphous collapse which occurs  when the mid-point of  any Mercury retrograde cycle (Merc. retrogrades occur regularly about  three per year).  At the mid-point   systems in the matrix start falling apart like the story about the RBS Crash

There is also a beneficial change with this 90 degree angle, where involves shifting sentiment (Pisces) and words/ideas (Mercury)
So as the movement to embrace food's health-giving propaerties as a medicine progresses expect some positive transformations.
Like this recent effort by:
Whole Foods to Label Foods With Gene-Modified Content 

Review: Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. And Jupiter corresponds to the expansion of multiple things besides banking, from ethics to education to courts of law to verdicts to air travel to sports to ideas to publishing etc. Since Mercury entered Pisces on Feb. 5th., Mercury the planet relating to the weather, our minds, intellect and the distribution of information
Mercury in Pisces can be highly emotional even leading to panic and hysteria. Mercury makes 3 major squares to Jupiter Mercury made it's first SQ to Jupiter on Feb. 9th., moved into retrograde motion on Feb. 23rd. and squared Jupiter again on March 4th. and will move direct on March 17th to make the final square to Jupiter on March 29th.
Today's Square is particularly potent with the Moon in Aquarius an in a Balsamic, Visionary Phase of transition and preparation for epic transformation preceding the New Moon on March 11th. . . This Mercury-Jupiter also accounts for accidents like the two: Planes collide on tarmac at JFK
The collision took place just after Air India Flight 102 landed at 6:19 a.m. Saturday as it taxied to the gate. The chart below is set for 6:19 AM, the time of the collision and Pisces is rising with Mercury-Chiron-Sun-Venus
Rulers of the chart, Jupiter (in the 3rd house) and Neptune (in the 12th) relate to confusion and communications error Sagittarius, the sign most connected to air travel is at Mid-Heaven Besides the collision at JFK, there were other accidents involving aviation Saturday: like the one on the West Coast in Washington. One dead, one hurt when plane crashes into Woodinville home One person died and another was hurt when a Maule M-5 crashed into a house in the 23000 block of NE 144th St. in Woodinville on Saturday 

SHTF in Cairo

Another example of Mercury-Jupiter SQ in mutable signs was the riots in Egypt Saturday. Since Aquarius is the sign of the sudden and unexpected and relates to ruler Uranus now in Aries SQ Pluto
Plus Mars, ruler of Aries is now in a risk-taking survival mode VOC
in the last degrees of Pisces is contra-parallel (acts like an opposition) to Uranus) Three killed in Cairo as violence rages after Port Said verdict
A protester has been killed in Cairo as an outraged crowd protests in Egypt’s capital over confirmed death sentences for 21 football fans involved in the fatal Port Said riot in February 2012, AFP reports

  Environmental Effects of Geo-Engineering per Mercury-Jupiter SQ So Pisces the last sign of the Zodiac deals with the oceans of the world, methane gases and the larger collective of humanity Also Jupiter now direct in Gemini relates to the air we breathe and the atmosphere
Jupiter in Gemini relates not just to the rise of the drones but to Geo-Engineering which is causing an extinction level event
compared to the Permian extinction event, when 96% of all marine species became extinct 251 million years ago.
Make this video go viral since the powers that be will only deny what is happening!